5 Things to Try to Improve Your Self-Care

Somewhere in the midst of trying to build the best life possible and satisfy everyone’s needs, we are trying to make time to care for ourselves and can find it very difficult due to the pressures of life. 80% of women who are burning out contribute it to not having enough time.

Below are 5 ways you can begin to look after yourself in easy and effective ways:

1. Get Clear on How You are Feeling
All too often when we are busy we don’t have time to acknowledge how we are feeling. If we are ignoring our emotions they can manifest in different ways through our stress and through our physical bodies. Each morning and each night take just 5 minutes, even while brushing your teeth, to check in and ask “How do I really feel?” When we acknowledge our emotions, particularly our negatives one, it is a great process because we tap into what is wrong in our lives.

2. Set Positive Intentions
Every morning when I am in the shower I set a positive intention for the day. I visualise how I would like my day to go and while I am doing this I find that this positive energy grounds me and sets me up for the day. It also allows me to focus in on what good things I would like to happen in my day.

3. Practice Mindfulness & Meditation
Bring the art of mindfulness into your day very easily and simply. My favourite mindfulness exercise can be done anywhere, at any time and no one around you will even be aware. For example, if you are in the office and feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Take a moment and just take a deep breath in and out – repeat this a few times. Then become really aware of your surroundings. Where are you sitting? What does the chair feel like? How are your feet resting? What is in your hand(s)? What is on your desk? Who is around you? What’s on the wall? Bring yourself into all the sensations of your surroundings. You are now present. Doing meditation is a wonderful way of destressing and minding yourself. Meditation can be 5 minutes per day and doing this would improve your life greatly.

4. It’s OK to Say “NO”
I have no doubt that everyone reading this has at some point or another struggled with saying “no” to someone or in response to a situation that is not good for them. We put so much pressure on ourselves and guilt can set in and overtake our emotions, leaving us doing things we would prefer not to. It is very important to give and help others but is just as important to look after yourself. Even once a week try saying “no” to something you don’t want to do and ease yourself into this practice.

5. What Would You Do If You Loved Yourself?
How often do you hear that loving yourself will improve your life? Yet, we struggle to know where to start. I follow a spiritual teacher, Teal Swan, and she shares the most amazing Self Care Practice. Every day for the next 365 days ask yourself one simple question: “What would someone who loves themselves do?” So, if you are in a difficult situation, experiencing stress, feeling overwhelmed or unsure what decision to make, ask yourself this question. Listen to the answer and follow your own guidance. Since I have followed this practice it has changed my life and it is not always easy to do but it is so worth it!

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