Changes on the way…..

Hi Lovely,


I hope you are keeping really well and are enjoying the summer.


This post will be a long one – so bear with me as I explain lots of changes happening for It’s Time For Me.


As you will have noticed, I have been really quiet over the past 4 weeks and not uploading new content to the site or sending out emails.  I am sorry for this and this email will explain why and also will explain the direction It’s Time For Me is taking from today onwards…..


I created It’s Time For Me as a platform to help people who wanted to put effort, time and energy into themselves and to create a safe space for them to come to feel supported and uplifted through all the different ways I provide.

I put my heart and soul into every text, every facebook post, every bundle, interview and every class and so many people have joined and not one member has left, which is truly amazing and I am so grateful for this!

In May and June, I wanted to offer more ways to support everyone and worked hard to get members discounts for services and products that I felt were beneficial to your self-care for you when you are treating yourself, as well as the personalised guided visualisations etc. but only received feedback from one person on all of this, so I am unsure if it is beneficial to you or not.



What I have discovered is, is that whilst everyone is still a member and enjoys the text messages daily (this seems to be everyone’s favourite part) that all the wonderful content on the site is not really being used and attendance for the classes is low…I provide the replays of these and the amount of times they are watched are also low.

In honesty, I have felt quite deflated because my sole and soul’s intention for creating this platform was to help people through these methods and what I have realised is I cannot take responsibility for whether people utilise the service and also I have to understand that some people get enough from the small parts that they do use. I think I have been trying to give too much to the members and this may be a deterrent in itself because it might feel like to much work to do.

Some members have suggested providing you all with an App for easy accessibility but I have spoken to business developers about an App and the accessibility element won’t be any easier as you will still have to log into an app and search for the content, which can be done through the current website on your phone in 35-45 seconds.


A business mentor recently said to me, well if people are paying and you have a 100% retention rate you need to detach from whether people are utilising everything…..for me, that is not why I am doing this and that does not sit well with me.  It doesn’t sit well that some people are paying for a service that they may not be using but also that there is SO much help and resources available that I know can help and people aren’t using it.  I also recently spoke with another mentor about wanting to find a way to overcome the idea that “there isn’t enough time” or a magic solution to having us change our deeply engrained habits…but I am not sure a solution for that exists because it is about everyone taking responsibility for themselves.


Sorry, I am probably waffling now, but what I am trying to say is that the intention I had for creating this site has not followed through and maybe I need to be more business minded and not care or become so detached from people that it doesn’t bother me that the service I am providing isn’t giving the results I had hoped for….but neither of these ways are true to who I am.


So 4 weeks ago, I just burnt out mentally from trying to figure it all out and I felt completely disillusioned and blocked creatively.  I don’t like feeling like that and I am someone who is very proactive, so I had to go inward and find out why this was happening and how can I make it better.  I tried so many times to write an email explaining but because I still hadn’t figured it out myself, I couldn’t word it until now.


What I discovered from that inward reflection and actually taking a proper break and some rest, was that I am no different to any of you.  I have stresses, make excuses AND I realised, that while I am very proactive, don’t wallow when things go wrong and look for solutions – that in fact, how could I teach all of you when a lot of what I am teaching, I haven’t figured out how to change for myself.   That no matter how much knowledge I have, how much I read, how much I work on my mind set – why are certain parts of my own life and inner feelings not shifting!


So, this is where everything is changing!


My pure soul intention for It’s Time For Me is to help you progress in life by bringing you on a Real & True Journey of Change.  I am going to be fully committed to making changes every single month. I am going to create bundles every month that are based on real life and real time experiences, show case to you my results every week, do classes on this and share my personal experience.  I will offer tools and resources that can help you and you can use the ones that you feel connected to and feel will be beneficial to you.  I am going to lessen the content and become more personally involved in the teachings and what I provide for you.

The bundles will not be sent on the 9th of every month but different elements will be sent to you every week and uploaded on the website.  I will continue with the live classes and replays and these will focus on real life experiences – I will showcase exactly what goes on in my life, authentically, in the hope of making more of a connection and inspiring more change!


I will still do the Facebook posts and daily text messages but everything else content wise will be different from next week onwards.

All of the current content will stay on the site for you to use in your own time.


Beginning next Monday 24th July, I am starting again!

The text messages every week will relate to the topic of the week as will the Facebook posts, emails and the content emailed to you.


I hope this will help you and help you to really make the changes you want.  Every single one of us want change in some form or another and you joined this site to do that but I actually want it to happen for you and I am hoping that this is how I can help you with it.


Looking forward to connecting with you all next week and please do let me know if you feedback or suggestions on how It’s Time For Me can you serve you better.



Caroline x

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