What happened to my life after a week of focusing on my intentions…


Hi lovely,

I hope you’re keeping really well and have had a lovely week.

This month here at www.itstimeforme.ie we are focusing on The Power of Clear Intentions.

I wanted to change the way I supported the members and have begun by giving them step by step daily guidance through their texts, videos, emails and worksheets….to reduce the overwhelm and so each member felt like they were being guided instead of left on their own to figure everything out.

What was very important to me, however, was that I actually took part in everything I was teaching and I wanted to follow the process and share the changes that happened.

I wanted to share what kind of a week I have had as a result of doing this. I am doing this in the hope of showing you that it really can be done and to give you real life examples that resonate with you.

Well, the results have truly being so positive. I am ending the week feeling lighter, more focused, relaxed and feel like I’m progressing at a quicker rate and seeing changes  and results showing up a lot. I’m delighted. 

Usually when I think of making changes, I get very excited, write out my goals, plans and action steps…..Then half way through the week I lose energy and motivation. Why? I do not know.  Maybe I don’t enjoy the action I’m taking. Maybe I’m doubting everything…..

So what did I do to change all this?
On Monday,  I emailed the members my intentions. To recap these were:

1. To make an impact in the world through my work, to help people help themselves, to show them the authentic and true me with the aim of inspiring real change and to spread the message that everyone is unique,  special and their success helps them in life and helps others in their life. Together, we can elevate the vibration of the universe. 
2. To be healthy and fit in my body so that I feel alive, energised, happy and look forward to a long life ahead.
3. To feel ease around finance and abundance, as it’s exactly like energy and it flows.
4. To enjoy practising piano as it clears my mind and brings me into a zone where no thoughts occur. I’m purely in the moment.

What did I do?

I kept these intentions at the forefront of my mind all week and every action I took, I kept referring back to my intention and more particularly,  the reasons why I had set the intentions.

I also integrated The Work by Byron Katie which asks you to look at the negatives you’re feeling and do a turnaround. I would highly recommend reading about her work and the 4 simple questions, that are literally transforming how I’m thinking. When a worry now comes up,  I have written out the true facts of why that worry is not a reality and I immediately switch to focusing on what those things are. Genuinely,  this is the biggest shift I’ve had in mindset for years. In essence, it’s lying up with having all positive view of the areas of your life and giving real examples to yourself of why there are positives in the first place.  This lady also has an app to journal in and it’s brilliant. I’ve been using this.

I re-started my gratitude journal and no matter how tired I was every night this week I still made sure I wrote out at least 5 things I was grateful for that day.

I focused on the Stay In Your Own Business process, which I refered to in today’s text and that has been amazing! Totally detaching from everyone else’s business and it just relaxes your relationships, your ideas and your mind. A wonderful member text me this morning, to say she’s been practicing this process for months and described it as FREEDOM! So true 🙂 You lose your frustration at others and your judgement of them. We are not in control or able to change how anyone thinks, acts or speaks. That is for them to do. We can be a guiding light in a positive way and hope that rubs off on them 🙂 So I stayed in my business, detached from all the things I think people should be doing, saying and choosing better and just focused on what I need to do better.

I focused on my creative side because I realised that playing piano or colouring stills my mind and allows all thought to disappear, except for what I’m focusing on. I spent 1.5 hours colouring once during the week and 2 days this week practising the piano, just for 30 mins.

What changed for me?

1. Work: The new intention I set for It’s Time For Me and for my 1-2-1 client sessions has completely altered my work in the best way. Members are responding, engaging and sharing feedback on their experiences…showing they are resonating with the way I’m doing things and more importantly for me, doing the work and getting results.
My 1-2-1 sessions are uplifting and everyone I’ve worked with this week has been a bright and positive energy.

2. My Health & Wellbeing:  I have been up and down like a yo-yo for the past numbers of years in thia area and really since May have made so many diet and exercise changes and yet, the scales were not moving at all. It has been disappointing and upsetting at times BUT this week because I just focused on being healthy and took away the pressure of losing weight, I actually did lose weight, kept my intention in my mind and finally have found a way of eating that is filling me but is integrating me giving up meat, dairy and wheat. All things that do my agree with me and I have intolerance for.

3. Finances: I’ve had a great June and July with lots of birthdays for family and friends, nights out and lots of other things but it was really expensive and honestly, at the start of the week I was panicking as all my bills come out today and I wasn’t sure if I could manage it all comfortably. Between the gratitude lists and focusing on all the reasons why I do have enough money instead of I don’t have enough money, I have finished off the week with everything in order and actually quite a substantial surplus of money for more enjoyment 🙂

4. Piano: I practiced piano more and now that I am connecting to it like meditation, the improvement has also been really great and my piano Teacher thought I done a lot more practice than I actually had. Which was interesting.

5. My mind is freer, more positively focused and I am starting to notice all the signs and did synchronisities that are showing up in my life. One thing I have wanted and talk about (probably annoyingly for some) is my want to get pregnant. This was started 3 whole years ago but over that time as much as I felt that I should get pregnant because I was in my 30s and I wanted it, I knew it was not the right time.  Not for practical reasons but just I didn’t feel energetically it was. I have tried to get pregnant on and off but genuinely, not properly at all. I think I knew it wasn’t right. So this month when I took time to clear my head and reconnect with myself,  I really feel it’s the right time. I feel connected to it and I feel ready BUT then the panic of just turning 36 starts coming to mind etc. and the fear set in. So I have used the turnaround exercise from I Wont Get Pregnant to I Will Get Pregnant and focusing on all the real reasons I will (Eg. all my fertility tests are perfect) and it has shifted a weight off my mind.  Then, I was approached by a lovely lady who created Gentle Birth to interview her and I did this yesterday….That’s a great sign to attract the energy of this into my life. Also, in the shops the other day, I saw 3 sets of twins within 5 minutes. So my point is when you relax, you see the signs 🙂

So its been a great week. I’ve been very busy, working long days and going to bed late and admit that today, I’m wiped of energy completely and will be adding a new intention next week around this area of my life.

Do let me know how you get on and hopefully some of the practices I have shared will resonate with you and benefit you.

On Monday, I will be sending the Members a guided meditation to help them on their path and a screensaver to help them focus on the importance and benefits of aligning to your intentions.

Also, Members can join next Wednesday night (2nd August) at 9pm for a free Class on all of this 🙂

If you would like to focus more on you this week and beyond, you can join us by becoming a member.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Caroline x

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