3 Month Self Care Course

Join me for 3 wonderful months of focusing on connecting with yourself and your self-care from 7th March 2019.

Understand more about what you need.

Focus on what you want to create in life and where you want to progress to.

Create an effective and simple Self-Care practice; one that doesn’t feel pressureful or another ‘to-do’ list.

Give yourself time and space to be the best of you!

What will this course provide:

3 x 1 Hour Skype/Phone calls with me each month

Together, we will go through each aspect of your life where you would like to make improvements, create a simple self-care practice to help you move towards these changes, delve deeper into how you are feeling and what you may need to clear.

In each call we can focus on one aspect of self-care that you would like to learn more about and we will finish each call with 5 minutes of gentle breathing and visualisation.

Each call must take place in March, April and May.

3 Months of It’s Time For Me Daily Support

You will enjoy 3 full months of daily teachings and daily text messages from me every day to help encourage and support you. You can read more about what you will receive HERE

3 x Monthly Personalised Guided Visualisations

Visualising how you would like to feel, be or what you would like to create in life is a really powerful tool. Each month, with your guidance, I will record a new 10 Minute Visualisation specifically for you. This will incorporate visualising something you wish to work towards or create.

Remember Yourself | Believe in Yourself | Care for Yourself

I am delighted to run this course for the 3rd time in the past year. I have been really grateful to help so many through this course move towards healing emotions, beliefs and actually really begin to care for themselves.

This course begins on 7th March ~ you will start your daily teachings and daily texts on this day and we will book in your first call for a suitable date in March.

Cost: €210

To book a place, please contact me at carolinemariameade@gmail.com

Much love,