Welcome to an explanation of your Result….you got Mostly As

At this time your stress levels are high. You have been aware that they have been increasing and that you are feeling more anxious, irritable, tired and not yourself.  Due to a lot of responsibilities, trying to figure out which direction to take and also having emotional and practical reasons that are preventing you to prioritise the care of yourself, you have noticed that things aren’t right.  You may be blaming work, family, life or other things and all of these things definitely are playing a part.

You have lost a connection to yourself BUT do not worry, you are not alone.  You are living an increasingly busy and overwhelming life and also there are a lot of pressures to be perfect in every area of your life.

When you begin to focus on yourself and prioritising this for even 5 minutes a day, you will start to notice positive changes.  Be gentle with yourself.  Having knowledge that you are stressed is the first step toward healing this.  It will take a little bit of time to rebalance everything but don’t worry, it is absolutely achieveable and you can do it.

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