Welcome to an explanation of your Result….you got Mostly Bs

At this time your stress levels are up and down but signs are showing they are beginning to increase.  You are affected by your stress in terms of your diet, sleep, mood levels and more.  What is good is that you are at a point where your life is not completely out of balance and you awareness of your stress levels are good.  You are living a busy life with a lot of responsibilities you are trying to achieve a lot in your life to do the best that you can.  You put yourself under a lot of pressure and have been finding lately the effects of this haven’t felt good in both your body and your mind.

It can feel hard to know that you are stressed and also know you would like to do something about it but feel stuck or don’t know where to start.  From the answers you selected in the quiz, it appears that you want to make changes and progress and don’t worry, this is absolutely possible for you.  Your stress levels may be increasing but you can make small changes right now that will have long lasting benefits and begin to make you feel more connected to yourself quite quickly.  Stress can come from habits we form and when we forget about ourselves…don’t forget to Remember How Important You Are!

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