Bundle of Care

Welcome to your Bundle of Care where you can gift yourself or someone important to you simple ways to help you feel uplifted, encouraged and supported.

We all go through periods in our lives when we are feeling low, where something difficult has just happened and we need time to process it or we simply just want to give ourselves some care and attention.

I have blended together two really gentle supports that were created with the intention of helping people in very gentle and nurturing ways.

Believe in Yourself ~ Positive Mindset Cards

The first support is a passion project I worked on with my Dad before he passed, where he shared his words of encouragement for people going through very difficult or lonely times and I created cards to share his beautiful words.

You can read more about these HERE

It’s Time For Me ~ Wellbeing Card

The second support is a creation of mine where I wanted to reach people in a more simpler way and offer year long meditations, destressing supports and wellbeing exercises to help them look after themselves in a gentle and caring way.

You can read more about these HERE

A Bundle of Care offers you both the Box of Positive Mindset Cards and the Wellbeing Card of Support.

If you would like to purchase a Bundle of Care you can click the payment button below.

Cost: €30.00 (including postage and packaging)