Cacao Ceremonies

I am delighted to begin holding online ceremonies with this really gentle, heart opening and transformative plant medicine ~ Ceremonial Cacao ~ which helps you to open your heart and go within to connect with yourself in a deeper way, to hear your inner guidance, to bring attention to the aspects of you that want to be heard or would like to be healed.  This gentle plant medicine can be used in many ways but the way in which I will be bringing it to you is in a Meditative Journey Experience.  In our ceremony together drinking cacao will deepen your meditation experience and allow you to fully drop into your heart, body and soul.

I have been working with cacao for my personal use through ceremonies held with wonderful teachers and in my own meditation practice since September 2019 and made the decision to complete my Cacao Facilitator Training to bring Cacao to more people.  I have experienced the clearest guidance and created many wonderful things in my life by allowing myself to follow my inner voice but I also have experienced very deep clearing and healing as I navigated through the loss of my Dad, miscarrying our twins and connecting with my true self, which has helped me value myself and understand myself more.  This beautiful plant medicine has given me support every step of the way and continues to do so.

For many years I supported women by using my intuition and offering guidance for their life’s path but in early 2021 I moved away from doing that because I truly believe and know that each one of us has the strongest inner voice and guidance that we will ever need and when we disconnect from this we dis-empower ourselves.

Cacao is the very plant medicine that can help each of us to connect with our inner voice again and trust our own intuition and our guidance.  It allows our inner emotions and thoughts to rise to the surface so we can look at them from a new perspective and from a compassionate place. We can empower ourselves by tapping into the very parts of us that are filled with light and can facilitate our personal transformation. It helps us to improve our self-love, self-compassion and acceptance in a gentle and loving way.

What will happen during our online Cacao Ceremony:

When you book your place, the energy of the ceremony actually begins at that point as you are energetically committing to show up for your healing and growth. 

On the day of the ceremony you will prepare your Cacao about 15 minutes before the ceremony begins (instructions on how to prepare you Cacao will be emailed to you two days before the ceremony. Please also note that you will need to order your own Cacao (stockists listed at the end of this page).

We will join together on Zoom at the chosen time and I will guide you through the following:

  1. Deep breathing and grounding exercise.
  2. Introduction to Cacao and the heart-filled experience that you can have.
  3. Drinking our Cacao over half an hour.
  4. Talking through our intentions for the ceremony.
  5. Lying down and I will guide you through a powerful one hour meditation journey.
  6. Sharing our insights.
  7. Closing the Ceremony.

Important details to note before booking (Safety & Contraindications):

Cacao contains a gentle stimulant called Theobromine but for some people this stimulant can cause issues if you are dealing with any of the following:

High Blood Pressure or Heart Conditions:  The advice regarding drinking cacao is that if you have these conditions you can still do a ceremony but a lower dose would be recommended.  Please contact me for dosage details.

Anti- Depressants:  If you are taking an anti-depressant with SSRIs or MAO Inhibitors it is not advised to drink cacao as it can have negative effects.

Pregnant/Breastfeeding: The advice regarding drinking cacao is that it is safe if you are pregnant or breastfeeding but a lower dose would be recommended.  Please contact me for dosage details.

New to Cacao: If you experience too much cacao in the system you can experience nausea, headaches or stomach upset. For this reason, I would suggest that anyone who is new to cacao to take a lower dose initially. Please contact me for dosage details.

Cacao also has some wonderful properties that are beneficial to the body:

Provides powerful antioxidants called flavonoids, which are up to 6 times greater in raw chocolate.

It is anti-inflammatory.

Contains essential minerals like magnesium, copper, zinc and iron.

Contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B8, C & E

It has heart-healthy fat and oleic acid.

Provides mood-boosting properties, which stimulate the production of endorphins.

If you would like to journey within and begin your own inner transformation through the ceremony of Cacao I would love to support you in doing that.

I am holding a beautiful Cacao Ceremony on Monday 4th April from 8pm to 10pm

The cost for this 2 hour experience is €30.

If you are a monthly member of It’s Time For Me the cost is €15.

*Please note that your Cacao is not provided by me.  You can purchase this from the stockists listed below but please order at least 2 weeks before our ceremony to ensure you receive it on time. 

To book, please fill out the form below.  When you submit your form you will then be taken to the payment page.

Once payment is received I will confirm your place by email and you will receive your specific dosage, Zoom details and Cacao Preparation Instructions.


I have tried both of these cacaos and would recommend them.

~ Soulfully Aisling provides a very gentle cacao from her online shop. She is based in Ireland.

This is the one I currently drink.

~ Keith’s Cacao Stockists

To purchase Keith’s Cacao you can google stockists within your own country.