December Full Moon

Wishing you a beautiful Full Moon night as we celebrate this last full moon of 2020.  What a year it has been and this night feels very poignant as we end out this time by releasing and letting go of all that we learned, all that we experienced and all that we have embraced within 2020.

No matter where you are right now or how you are feeling allow yourself to believe fully in a true time of new beginnings.  This year has been more than a year with a virus, it has brought us a deeper meaning to the value of our lives, the connections to our loved ones that we hold so deeply and shown us that a simpler, kinder and gentler approach to ourselves and to others is greatly needed. As we begin 2021 Covid will still be around but that doesn’t mean this is not a time of new beginnings and as we begin into a new earth (quite literally) ask yourself; who are you now and how do you wish to be in this new time?

I have created a beautiful Guided Meditation, Ritual and Workbook to help you let go of all that needs to be released so that you can create and embrace a more expansive and wonderful time ahead.

Wishing you a time of peace ahead.

Much love,


If you would like to access the Guided Meditation, Ritual and Workbook you can make a small payment below of €3.33 and you will be taken directly to enjoy everything.

Guided Meditation, Ritual & Workbook: €3.33

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