fertility meditations



They say stress is part of the biggest contributors to fertility issues and a change in how our hormones function….but apart from that going through fertility treatments and the pressure, as well as disappointments when you are having problems trying to conceive can sometimes be the hardest part.  How do you surrender to the process, the timelines and of course how do you not focus on getting the outcome you want?

All of this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, sad, upset, angry, frustrated and wondering when it might be your turn.

I have and am experiencing all of this too but I feel it is so important to mind yourself through this process and to release the stress, acknowledge the emotions and bring back a feeling of peace, hopefulness and make it all a positive experience.


I hope some of the meditations below will help you on your journey and bring you peace, even for a few minutes.

You can click below to listen under any of the Guided Meditation pictures below to listen 


This meditation will help you to relax and unwind as you focus on your eggs and ovaries, bringing light to them so that you can connect with your dominant egg for conception.  Often when we are trying to conceive we may have issues with the ovaries or eggs or simply be worried if we will conceive during ovulation.  This meditation aims to help you feel empowered and in complete connection with your reproductive organs.  I hope you enjoy.

This meditation is to help you relax before creating that intimate space with your partner.  When you are ready to try or are ovulating, often it can come with a pressure to make sure it happens at the right time, day or even hour.  It can actually become a mechanical process and even leave you feel disinterested.  This meditation aims to help you de-stress, connect inwards and acknowledge the frustrations or worries you may have at this time – so that you can create an intimate space, truly enjoy the process and surrender and let go of timelines and outcomes.