fertility teachings

Welcome to your daily teachings from It’s Time For Me ~ Fertility.

Each Day there will be a new teaching below and you can also go back and listen to teachings whenever you like.

12th January 2019 – Listening to Your Body 

Click below to enjoy and listen to today’s teaching.

10th January 2019 – What is Recurring in your Body?

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9th January 2019 – Connect to Your Body Meditation 

I really hope you enjoy this 10 minute meditation to tune into your body and release whatever truly needs to go. Please be gentle with yourself as sometimes meditation can bring things up that are emotional. Talk to someone afterwards if needed and be kind to yourself.

This is a gentle and expansive meditation. Click below to enjoy.

*Please note this is not medical advice and if you have a medical issue please visit a medical practitioner.

7th January 2019 – The Body-Mind Connection

We delve deep this week into our connection to ourselves, our body and our minds. Enjoy the first audio teaching below. Please note this is not medical advice and if you have a medical issue please visit a medical practitioner.

4th January 2019 –  Surrender

Today’s teaching explores how to surrender and free yourself from thoughts of outcomes and timeframes. Click below to enjoy.

3rd January 2019 – Breathe and Hear Your Soul

I hope you enjoy this beautiful brand new meditation just for you ♡

Click below to listen.

2nd January 2019 – Be Gentle on Yourself & Set Intentions

Happy New Year. Today can sometimes feel pressureful when we want to set new goals and achieve so much in 2019. Enjoy today’s audio which helps you to navigate through that in an easy and compassionate way. You can listen below. Also I share a picture underneath the audio with an Intention Setting Ritual.

21st December – Reflection

As we reach the end of this week’s teachings it’s important to reflect on what has come up for you or what you have progressed with. You can hear more in today’s audio below. Click to listen.


20th December – Gratitude (Text Message)

19th December 2018 – Positively Affirm

I’m excited for us to take our worries/frustration/stress and release them by turning them into positive affirmative statements. Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

18th December 2018 – Ground Yourself Guided Meditation 

I hope you enjoy this beautiful and gentle meditation to help ground yourself. Feeling grounded and connected to yourself is a very important aspect of your fertility journey. Click below to listen ♡



17th December 2018 – Release & Let Go

This week we focus on releasing our emotions, thoughts or anything else relating to our fertility that we need to clear from body and mind. I hope you enjoy this teaching. Click below to listen.