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Welcome ? As you take a moment to reflect on your fertility journey you may want support, help to create positive focus and a desire to stay balanced emotionally and physically on your path to conception.

You may be finding the process pressureful and causing you stress, you may be undergoing different treatments and you may be feeling like your path is tiring and long.

I have been going through my own fertility journey for the past 4 years and I have found that so many of us are looking for comfort and help with reducing our stress as we try to conceive.   I also find that letting go of my perfect outcome and time frames is harder than the treatment itself.

Everyone’s journey is unique and extremely personal – different things work for us in different ways.

I created It’s Time For Me in 2017 offering daily support through meditations and self care teachings to women around the world.

This year I felt that I could introduce another stream of It’s Time For Me for Fertility to help you feel balanced, de-stress, acknowledge your emotions, connect to your body, feel at ease with different treatments, clear of where you are going but most importantly, to feel calm, positive and maintain hopefulness.

I am delighted to take my own personal experience and combine this with the support that I provide through It’s Time For Me and create It’s Time For Me – Fertility which focuses specifically on fertility, conception and self-care.

If you would like to sign up to It’s Time For Me – Fertility you would be so welcome and I would love to have you on board and connect with you daily.

You will receive –

 5 Minute Teachings & Meditations sent to you everyday by text message.

 Pick the days and times you would like your text and teaching.

 Open your text and click the link to an audio, video or meditation taking only 5 minutes to listen or watch.

 Each week you will cover a new theme (e.g. Stress, Fear, Negative Emotions, Visualising a Positive Outcome, Clearing Emotions, Treatments and so much more…) and delve into how topics such as these are important on our fertility journey.

 Connecting with yourself for 5 minutes a day has amazing and long lasting benefits.

Direct to your Phone – No Log-ins, Easy & Quick.

 Every resource in the one place, no need for different apps and websites.

 Monthly subscription. No contract. Can cancel at any time.

 Only €10 per month.

Get started by filling out the form below and setting up your monthly payments.

Once you have completed everything I will be in touch with you and get you set up in the next 24 hours.

Thanks so much