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Welcome [ ] to your personal Human Design page including your Human Design Chart & Report and Guided Human Design Reading with me. On this page you will have an opportunity to discover all the pieces of your design that make you uniquely who you are and learn to hear and trust your inner voice.

Before you begin, it is really important to me that from this first moment of your reading with me, I help you create a sacred and peaceful space for yourself. Before I analysed your chart, I spent time connecting with your energy and sending out a deep intention that today brings you a better understanding of yourself and that you can offer yourself the gift of self-acceptance and self-love. That, honestly, is my deepest wish for you.

Take a moment now to create a quiet space to ground your energy and feel stillness. To help with this, I am sharing a guided meditation below that I think will help you with this. I would suggest listening to this first, even if you feel very excited and eager to listen to your reading, as I believe this will help you to remember your own strength and intuition; and then read and listen to everything afterwards 🙂

I really hope you enjoyed my guided meditation and have a wonderful time now listening to all that I will share with you.

I have have analysed your chart and broken down your reading into segments so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information I will sharing with you.

I would suggest having a notebook to hand to take notes and you may wish to listen to your reading in full today or listen to one section at a time over the coming days/weeks. Most importantly, I hope your reading really helps you to understand your unique design in a deeper way and that you can begin integrating it into your life, enjoying good life experiences and feeling great in yourself.

To get started, please listen to your reading below, which I have divided into different sections. Your Chart & written Report are available in PDF below (this is a summarised version of your audio reading.) Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. There is never pressure with your human design. Whilst listening take time to reflect on areas of life that are important to you (e.g. work/relationships etc.) and see how you can relate all of which you will learn today with those areas.

I really hope you enjoy this.

Caroline x

Please listen to this part of your reading first:

You can view your Personal Chart & Report below:

Next, please continue listening to your reading through the audios I have placed in each section.

The importance of your Type (including your Not Self & Signature)





Manifesting Generator

The importance of your Strategy

To Respond

To Inform

Wait for the Invitation

Wait for a Lunar Cycle

The importance of your Inner Authority (Intuition)

Splenic Inner Authority (Your Spleen)

Emotional Inner Authority (Your Solar Plexus)

Mental/Environmental or No Inner Authority (Your Environment)

Ego/Ego Manifested Authority (Your Heart)

Self-Projected/Projected Inner Authority (Your Throat)

Sacral Inner Authority (Your Sacral)

Lunar Inner Authority (The Moon & Planets)

Understanding your Profile Line: Your Profile Line is [ ]

Profile Line 1: The Investigator

Profile Line 2: The Hermit

Profile Line 3: The Martyr

Profile Line 4: The Opportunist

Profile Line 5: The Heretic

Profile Line 6: The Role Model

The Importance of your Definition

Single Definition

Split Definition

No Definition

Triple Split Definition

Quadruple Split Definition

Understanding your Undefined/Open Centers on your Bodygraph

Undefined/Open Head Center

Undefined/Open Ajna Center

Undefined/Open Throat Center

Undefined/Open Identity Center/G Center

Undefined/Open Heart Center (also known as Will or Ego)

Undefined/Open Sacral Center

Undefined/Open Spleen Center

Undefined/Open Root Center

Undefined/Open Solar Plexus Center

I believe there are 4 main ways that you can integrate Human Design into your life. [ ], these may help you over the coming months to keep things simple whilst living your design.

  1. Be gentle on yourself while you bring awareness to the key elements from your reading over the coming months; particularly bringing awareness to how they are impacting areas of your life.
  2. Integrate all of these pieces through your awareness but most importantly through practicing and experiencing. Begin following your Strategy and noticing what results you are getting. Keep notes on your inner authority and the nudges you receive. You can write them down and then look back to see what happened when you did or did not act upon them. Like with anything, practice and experimenting is the best thing you can do.
  3. Love yourself. Human Design is a gift to you to accept that you are wonderful enough as you are and in fact, you are designed the very unique way that you are, light and shadow. Honor yourself and know all your life experiences were meant to happen as they did but now offer yourself the opportunity to live fully as yourself and enjoy life fully.
  4. Remember Human Design = Strategy + Authority. Keep it simple and live simply as yourself.
  5. You have freewill over your mindset so how you choose to use your human design specifics is really up to you 🙂

I really hope you have enjoyed your Guided Human Design Reading with me. Understanding and integrating your own Human Design into every day life takes time, so please know that this will be a process. You can come back to your page as many times as needed as you start this process.

Wishing you so many good wishes, [ ], for the months ahead.

Caroline x