Guided Human Design Reading

I am delighted that you would like to have a Guided Human Design Reading with me. I really look forward to sharing how Human Design can help to understand why you are the way you are, clear old patterns and habits that are not good for you and your life; and begin learning a new way to life fully as yourself and create practical strategies to improve and enhance your life experiences in your relationships, career, finances, business, parenting, communication and more. 

From using Human Design in my own life, studying my Diploma in Human Design, teaching it to the women in my membership and doing human design readings for people I see how deeply beneficial it really is.

Using your Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth (approximate time if unknown) I will guide you through:

  1. Your Chart (PDF)
  2. Your Personal Type: Understand your energy type and how this impacts all areas of your life.
  3. Your Strategy: A wonderful tool to support you around decision making, timing around decision making and moving in tandem with the universal energies to create flow in your life. Your strategy is one of the strongest foundations in Human Design as it offers you a way to have life experiences that feel the best and are the best for you; and are aligned with your highest good.
  4. Your Inner Authority: A hugely beneficial way to get to know where in your body your intuition is stored. This is fascinating because each of us holds it in different places and can access it in different ways; and this part shows you how to do just that. The difference you can experience in life as a result of following your inner authority is literally life changing.
  5. Your Profile Lines: These two lines make up your Conscious Mind and your Unconscious Mind. So they relate to parts of yourself you have an awareness of and the parts of yourself you may recognise but not have full awareness of. Understanding your unique profile lines is really helpful at seeing how you can bring more awareness to the conscious and unconscious elements that are impacting your life; that perhaps are causing difficulties and struggles for you.
  6. Your Definition: This enables you to see how much energy you require from others, in relationships and from the world around you. It is really helpful because it can bring awareness to what your needs are and to fulfill those needs in the way you specifically need.
  7. Undefined Gates/Areas of the Body: This is where Human Design begins to get even more specific and indiviualised. There are 9 Gates (areas) in the body and when these are fully open or undefined it means that we are more susceptible to external conditioning and difficulties. Knowing how we are affected by these offers us an opportunity to become less impacted by these things. In my own experience, these explained so much about past difficult experiences I had over and over in life. Similar patterns showing up and not knowing why.
  8. Using Human Design in your Life: At the end of your reading I will share how to take what you have learned and begin to integrate it into your everyday life so that you can enjoy all the benefits of following your unique design.
  9. Finish your Guided Reading with an understanding of the basics of your chart and get started on implementing all this new knowledge and awareness into your relationships, career, finances, business, parenting, communication and more. 

This really unique guided reading provides a space for you to understand your Human Design with my guidance:

  1. I analyse your chart details.
  2. I create and design your very own personal url/webpage (e.g. to store your chart and reading.
  3. I provide you with a copy of your personal Human Design Chart (PDF)
  4. I record a 1.5 – 2 hours (approx) Guided Reading for you (this recording is split into smaller recordings relating to each part of your chart).

To book your Guided Reading please click my Human Design website HERE