Masterclass: How to Read Oracle, Angel & Tarot Cards

I feel really excited and grateful to bring a Masterclass on this topic to you on Tuesday 18th October at 8.30pm. I know so many of you read cards for yourselves and often for your friends and family, so I wanted to share my own experience of reading cards for the past 14 years with you in a fun, relaxed and powerful way.

I have been teaching how to read the tarot since 2012 and like to support each person in understanding their own intuition and how to use that intuition through the imagery and feelings that each card presents to them. No matter what cards I use I bring the same method of reading to each deck.

We will put aside the meanings and the books for this 1.5 hour Masterclass and delve into blending our own intuitive guidance with the guidance of your spiritual team. You can bring any cards you wish to the Masterclass (Angel/Oracle/Tarot – or all 3).

In this Masterclass you will learn how to: 

Clear your energy field;

Connect with your guides;

Connect with your intuition;

Read each card from your intuition; and

Do a 3 card reading for friends/family.

I will also share with you my own methods for reading cards. 

This Masterclass takes place via Zoom on 18th October 2022 from 8.30pm to 10pm.

The cost of the Masterclass is: €25 

If you are a member of It’s Time For Me or It’s Time For Spirituality you will receive this class free of charge as part of your membership.