Human Design

You are so very welcome to this beautiful month where I share with you ‘An Introduction to Human Design’, which is a tool that combines astrology, the Chinese system of your body, chakras and intuition; and offers you a specific life strategy to help you come out of your head and into your body so that you can move through life in the way you wish to whilst being your best self, acknowledging when you are your ‘not self’ and how to experience flow in each area of your life by using your intuition, listening to your body, using your specific decision making timing and so much more.

I have recorded an in depth introduction to this month below, which would be great for you to listen to as it will fully explain everything. At the start of the recording I also share some guidance for you on navigating through the new energies we are experiencing on the planet at this time.

I am really looking forward to all we will do together this month and enjoy the audio introduction below to learn more: