Free Human Design Chart

Welcome to the first steps of understanding your unique Human Design. I am fascinated by and really passionate about this practical system which takes your Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth (approximate if unknown) and can help you:

  • Know what your personal design and energy type is, how this impacts your life and how to work with it to experience life improvements and flow.
  • Learn how to hear and listen to your unique Intuition; and where that is in your body.
  • Understand how to come out of your head and instead be led by what feels best for you.
  • Learn the conditions in life that do not support your specific type and bring you into your ‘not self’; and how this negatively impacts your life.
  • Teach you the best decision making and action taking strategy that will work for you.
  • Understand how the energy of others and the energy of the world affects you daily.
  • Learn how to honor your true self and create, and live by, a strategy that will keep your life in flow. 
  • Decondition from old patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck or having difficult life experiences.
  • This system is hugely beneficial for your relationships, career, business, finances, communication, parenting, major life decisions/actions and more.

Click HERE to learn more and get your free chart.

Caroline x