Intuitive Guidance Sessions

As a reader for the past 14 years I have seen and known how strong each person’s own intuition is. I have always wanted to empower you to listen to yourself and trust your inner voice. I also know that in times of stress or when we feel stuck or unsure of our next steps, it can be difficult to clear our mind and hear ourselves properly.

Whilst I have read in the past with Tarot Cards, the guidance has always come through me and through my intuition. I have recognised for several years now that the guidance I give is actually stronger and more in-depth for you when I purely rely on my own gifts. I’ve been reading like this lately and the feedback has shown that my readings are stronger and more valuable.

I really wanted to create a unique type of session like this because it is more than just a reading. This is an opportunity to offer you my supportive guidance, whilst helping you to hear your intuition too and take steps that are going to get you to exactly where you want to be.

Blending the guidance I receive intuitively, with your own intuition is really powerful because it gives you the support you are seeking but also the confidence to believe in your own voice. In these beautiful sessions we will join together to gain deep insight, understanding and guidance on what you need to know and hear at this time and how to take that forward into your life in a practical and realistic way.

Our session will be One Hour and includes the following:

Life Insight – We will look at a few specific areas of your life that you would like to seek guidance about, discover what is currently going on in these areas, how they are impacting you, what you would like to change or what outcome you would like to create.

Your Intuition – I will then guide you through a 15 minute guided visualisation to help you quieten your mind, refresh your energy and access your intuitive voice. This is a lovely way to take a moment to just stop and reset your body and mind; and it offers me time to tune into your energy and find out what you need to know.

Intuitive Reading – Next, I will offer you the intuitive guidance that comes through for you on these areas and what your spirit team wish you to know that will help you move forward. I do not use cards for this, I am tapping into the energy purely through my intuition.

Important Details:

I am opening up limited places for these sessions from Thursday 9th February to Tuesday 14th February 2023.

The session lasts One Hour and takes place on Zoom or by phone.

I record the session for you and send you an audio copy by email. It would be good for you to also bring a pen and paper if you wish to take notes.

The cost of the session is €85.

Sessions are now fully booked.

You can avail of a mini reading every 2 months as part of my membership community, which allows you to receive guidance more regularly throughout the year

You can find out more details HERE