Learn the Tarot

I am delighted to start teaching the Tarot again and bring you a new way of learning with me. I have been reading the Tarot since 2008 for many people in Ireland and around the world and started teaching Tarot back in 2012.

I have taught the Tarot for many years in a workshop setting with up to 6 people but recently I have been teaching the Tarot on a one-to-one level.  It has been a great experience to work with people and help them develop their intuition while they learn the cards and how to read them.

As this is a one-to-one course that lasts 8 hours, I usually do 2 sessions of 4 hours each and below are more details of what the course entails:

The classes are available from Monday to Friday and take place on Zoom. It could be a nice thing to do if you’ve time off from work or a flexible schedule.

The course will consist of 2 x 4 hour classes.

This is a 1-2-1 class with me and personalised to help you develop your intuition as you read the cards.

You will learn how to read each of the cards from an intuitive place and then get to learn the generic meaning of each card.

You will learn how to put the cards together so that by the end of the 2 days you will be able to read the cards for yourself/friends/family.

A brief introduction to timings and star signs will be given also.

Before the class I will send introductory notes that will help you and that you can use in the future.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion sent to you in PDF format.

The investment for this class is €250.

*You will need to have the Rider Waite Tarot Deck or similar cards.

If you would like to book this course with me, please email me at carolinemariameade@gmail.com and we can arrange days/times and payment. 

Looking forward to teaching you.

Caroline x