Member Stories


When I say that you are such a valued member to me, I really mean that.  I created It’s Time For Me, especially for wonderful women just like you, who I hope to help support and encourage through my teachings.  You are also making my dreams come true, as this is something I have wished for and worked towards for so many years.


I would be really grateful if you would share your story with me about your experience with It’s Time For Me.  I have a few short questions below that I would love you to answer.


My hope in gathering your stories is to really understand how It’s Time For Me is helping you and what you might also like me to offer in my teachings but also to share with others what It’s Time For Me could help them with on their path in life.


I will be sharing these stories on this website and social media, so please do feel free to use a different name, if you don’t feel comfortable with me using your real name.  Everything is in confidence so I would like you to feel comfortable.


Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and continuing to be a member. I am truly grateful.


Much love,

Caroline x