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As soon as you join It’s Time For Me as a monthly member you can get start getting clear on where you are now in life, what you need, what you want to change and work on, as well as how you can schedule a small bit of time for yourself each week with with my Self-Care Path Journal and It’s Time For Me Planner.  Both of these will be emailed to you.



Every week you will receive 2 text messages from me. Texts are sent on 2 different days each week. These allow me to check in with you and support you but also I will give you a link to 5 minute audio teachings that you can listen to.  These teachings will help you to learn new ways to deal with life’s stresses and difficulties, easy and gentle ways to work through emotional issues, techniques and ideas of how to move through different life situations and most importantly, ways to help you heal and feel good.  



Every month I will be teaching a brand new topic to help you move forward in your life and begin achieving your goals.  This is a great way of working through things at your own pace and being supported to overcome fears, doubts, negative thinking and to embrace uplifting your energy, succeeding in those areas of life you want change in and so much more. The 2 x audios you receive by text each week will break up the content into bitesized teachings so they are easy to listen to and integrate into your life.



To help you feel more supported I create a new bundle of supports each month relating to the topic we are covering.

You will receive:  2 x New Guided Meditations, New Journal, Monthly Gathering on Zoom where I do meditation, journaling and teachings and New Audio Teachings.



This is one of the really special parts of being in the It’s Time For Membership and a part favored by current members. Every month I send you a mini reading. 

I am bringing you on a path to tune into yourself.  Each month I will be sending you a link to 3 bundles of cards (Tarot/Angel/Oracle) – I may mix these with different crystals as well – and you will be able to choose whichever bundle you feel more drawn to, whilst thinking of a specific question or asking for general guidance. You can then listen to an audio from me for each bundle. 



As well as our monthly gathering on Zoom, you can attend any of my one hour paid classes for free.  I do meditation classes and moon classes.

As a member you will also receive discounts on any paid courses or coaching that I offer.



As a member you have the option to join the private WhatsApp group where you can chat with other members and meet like-minded women in our community. I also pop in every few days to see how everyone is doing and chat about different things.



One of the things about starting on a path to make changes and feel good is that it is really great to have like-minded people around you.  To help you have someone to talk with and enjoy the month’s topics I can pair you up with another member, whom I feel would be similar in mindset and values. 



I think our birthdays are a really special day and should be celebrated.  As a member of It’s Time For Me I want you to feel appreciated and valued on your birthday. I will be giving each member a present on their special day.  This might be a half price membership month, a reading, a personalised visualisation or something else. I hope you really enjoy this. 



I will be hosting a free 3 Hour Workshop for the members in January, April, July and October of each year to support you even more in getting clear on your goals, supporting your action steps through teachings with me, bringing the members together so that you can meet one another and support each other.  All of us are on a path to progress, achieve our goals and dreams and to heal our blocks and all of us experience a lot of the same things.  Joining together in a group of like minded people can be so helpful to see that you are not alone and we can all support each other. 


Join ‘It’s Time For Spirituality’ Membership at a Discounted Price

I have created another membership that focuses solely on your spiritual path and offering you Intuitive Guidance via the Tarot each month.  You may wish to blend both of these memberships to help you with the practical and spiritual aspects of life. You can be a member of It’s Time For Me and It’s Time For Spirituality.  Whilst content each month for both memberships is completely different and take different approaches to your life’s path, they really compliment each other well.  You can learn more HERE


You can see a sample of the previous topics, that you will be able to enjoy as a member, from our library below




I am delighted to welcome you to Your Monthly Self-Care Membership. To sign up, I would be very grateful if you can do the following ~

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Much love to you and welcome again.