It’s Time For Me

I am so glad you are feeling ready to get to know who you truly are, begin transforming all areas of your life by doing the inner work, move towards creating a life that feels easier and simpler and be a part of It’s Time For Me, which offers you the guidance to do just that through a monthly subscription.

You will join me in this beautiful online space where I guide you every month allowing you to embark on your own personal transformation through healing, growth and tapping into your inner wisdom. I can’t do the work for you but I can provide you with the tools to empower yourself and be better equipped to deal with your life’s personal circumstances.

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We all deal with many different stresses each day and sometimes these stresses can get too much for us.  My wish for you, as part of this online space, is to be able to keep moving forward and progressing in your life no matter your circumstances; and to feel like you have me encouraging, uplifting and reminding you to show up for yourself in healthy ways.  To feel that you are building your confidence, raising your resilience and coping abilities, trusting your own voice and intuition, believing in yourself and your power within by starting to create your life the way you want it and achieving your goals and dreams. 

It’s Time For Me will help you in many ways through new monthly topics, weekly guidance (in audio format), weekly meditations, monthly online classes, monthly journals and so much more.

The core of It’s Time For Me is the Weekly Guidance that will share insights and learnings about each month’s topic and how to implement what you’ve learned into your life. You can then add optional extra supports, which compliment the weekly guidance. You can choose from a range of options that you feel would suit you best, all of which are detailed below.

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I want your experience to not only be supportive but to feel uplifting and enjoyable. To help you access everything quickly and easily, I create your very own personal webpage/url for you when you join. This gives you your own private online space that you can visit whenever you need. You can also add this to your phone’s homescreen and it is like your very own app.

If you would like to join It’s Time For Me and allow me to guide you, I would love to welcome you to this gentle and motivating online space.

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Select the options you would like the most, add them to the form below and press submit.

I will contact you with your monthly payment amount and payment link; and once set up I will set up your person url/webpage and you can begin enjoying It’s Time For Me.

I am really looking forward to welcoming you.

Caroline x