Monthly Meditation Class

Womb Healing Guided Meditation

I am delighted to bring you a very gentle, nurturing and relaxing guided meditation class where we will tune in with our womb/womb space on Monday, 8th May, from 9pm to 10pm Irish time.

As women our womb/womb space is the central place for receiving, creation and nurturing but it is also a place where we can hold our fear.

This meditation class can help you heal and release and is beneficial if you:

🌸Have trouble connecting with your body.

🌸Have experienced the loss of a child.

🌸Have experienced trauma connected to your womb.

🌸Are going through IVF or fertility treatment.

🌸Have gone through fertility treatment and not experienced the outcome you hope for.

🌸Hope to conceive and become pregnant.

🌸Have experienced birth difficulties or trauma when giving birth to your child.

🌸Find it difficult to receive in your life.

🌸Have had your womb removed but would like to reconnect with this part of your body.

*Please note this class is not a replacement for medical treatment and/or advice. It is simply a gentle way of connecting with your body.


Monday 8th May

9pm to 10pm on Zoom

You will need to wear something comfortable, safely light a candle, have water and a cosy and quiet space to rest and relax.

If you would like to join me for this beautiful night you can book your place below.

Cost: €15 (including a replay recording)

*This class is free to monthly It’s Time For Me members who subscribe to the meditation class through their subscription