My Happiness


Quite often we forget that our own happiness and needs are of vital importance.  When we look after ourselves, nourish and nurture ourselves we move into balance and flow with life.  That is when true greatness can show up in our lives and this is when we are better able to help and serve the world.

Other people’s needs, our own daily life stresses, pressure and so much more takes us ‘out of ourselves’ and we can struggle to move back into connection with our true self and what we need.


I am delighted to introduce this very special workshop for those of you who ~

Struggle to put your needs first.

Feel guilty when you say ‘no’.  Even though you wanted to say ‘no’, you still feel bad afterwards.

Overthink about or become consumed by other people’s stresses and at times, almost take them on as your own.

Tell yourself that you will start properly minding yourself but after a few weeks, even days, slip back into your old patterns.

Can’t seem to break the repetitive cycle.

Hope that people will support you in the way that you need or if you express to them how you are feeling that they will understand – but they don’t.


I have created this beautiful 5 hour workshop especially for you, so that I can help you ~

Understand the core reason this is happening.

Unlock your soul’s true path in relation to this pattern and these situations.

Create a new mindset – one filled with a deep like and love of yourself.

Reconnect to yourself and your needs.

Truly see how important you are and how your life can and will change when this pattern and cycle stops.


I have experienced all of the above in my life, time and time again, and most recently, have been reading for many people who are in the same repetitive cycle and really want to break it. I wanted to create this deep and healing workshop to help shift the energy from constantly giving all of yourself to being back in balance with giving and receiving.

You are important. Your happiness matters and how you care for yourself matters.


Join me for a beautiful afternoon of:

Guided Meditation;



Journaling and more

in the tranquil space of The Calm Rooms, Monkstown.

Leave the day feeling in total connection to yourself, aligned to what is right for you and meant for you, whilst embracing the opportunity to move towards the happiness you desire and can have in life.


November 17th 2019

1pm to 6pm

The Calm Rooms, Monkstown

Herbal Teas and light snacks will be provided

Your yoga mat, cushion, eye pillow and blanket will also be provided on the day for you. Just bring yourself, a notebook and wear something comfortable.


Cost: €60.00