Enjoy this cleansing water based ritual to help you on this New Moon

You will need:

Glass of water to drink, paper and pen, gentle music, candle and use of a shower/bath.

Create a quiet and cosy space for yourself, lighting your candle safely and playing some gentle music.

Take 5 deep breaths in and out.

Drink a sip of your water.

Take 5 more deep breaths in and out.

With your pen and paper, begin writing out the emotions that are coming to mind as you sit in this space . Next write out what you wish to create over the next month in your life. Take your time with this process and just let thoughts flow without judgement and the pen write as much as it wishes.

When you are finished, place the paper under your glass of water and listen to the meditation below.  After this meditation, please continue to read the rest of the ritual.









When you have opened your eyes and come back into yourself fully, take your glass of water and drink it all.  It is infused with your intentions and you are taking those into your body.

Keep the piece of paper somewhere safe that you can look back at it in a month’s time.

If you feel like you would benefit from it take a warm shower or a warm bath.


Wishing you a beautiful New Moon.

Caroline x