It is wonderful that all of you are part of a large community here at It’s Time For Me but so many of you have never even met each other and yet every month, you all go on a path to heal and create great things in your life.  This community is full of wonderful and like-minded women just like you and it would be so lovely for you all to support each other along the way.  I have thought about introducing the idea of a Self-Care Partner months ago.  This month seemed like the perfect month to do this, as this month is all about allowing and receiving support.

I am part of a business membership and recently I was given an ‘accountability partner’ to link in with each month.  We speak on Zoom.  I am in Ireland and she is the USA and we work together on encouraging and supporting each other’s goals and desires for our businesses.  This has truly been amazing for me and yet, I had resisted signing up for the partner for the 5 months but as soon as I did it, I felt really energised and that someone else was on the exact same page as me and understood my thoughts, fears and desires.   It really got me thinking about the idea I had of you each having a self-care partner and connecting with each other through texts, calls, zoom etc.  Someone you can connect with to support each other’s dreams and aspirations and someone to talk to about the topic we cover each month.  Seeing how you both get on and even speaking about what discoveries, insights or changes you have had.

If you would like to sign up for a Self-Care Partner, please fill out the short form below.  I will then take your details and match you with someone I feel is very like-minded.  I will then email you both each other’s contact details and let you take it from there.   I understand you may have resistance to this but I really feel this would be a beautiful step for you all to take.