Personalise Your Membership

I am so glad you are a part of It’s Time For Me and that I can help your membership experience be one that is suited to exactly what you like and to your needs, as well as giving you an easier way to access everything with your own personal webpage/url.

To get started on Building Your Membership, please do the following:

~ Please read the options below that you can avail of.  Each box details what you will receive and the cost.

~ Please note that all classes include replays.

~ Your membership cost will be based on the options you choose but please note you must choose a minimum of €15 worth of options and the maximum cost will be €36.

~ You can then fill out the form at the bottom of the page with all the options you have chosen.

~ Please note that these options will be the same every month.

~ I will contact you within 24 hours with your Monthly Subscription Cost and a link to set up your payment.

~ Your payment will come out on the same date each month.

~ Once your payment is set up I will then email you your very own personal webpage/url with all your options added to your page.

~ We begin our new month’s content on the 1st of every month.

Take your time to read through your options below, select the ones you would like the most, add them to the form below and press submit.

I am really delighted to welcome you to this new personalised membership and hope it is a really enjoyable experience and support for you.

Caroline x