Monthly Membership

I am so glad you would like to be a part of It’s Time For Me, join our global community of wonderful like-minded women and allow me to support you every week as you embark on your own personal healing, growth and connection to yourself.  We all deal with many different stresses each day and sometimes these stresses can get too much for us.  My wish for you, as part of this membership, is to be able to keep moving forward and progressing in your life, no matter your circumstances; and to feel like you have me by your side supporting you to do just that.  To feel that you are building your confidence, raising your resilience and coping abilities, trusting your own voice and intuition, believing in yourself and your power within by starting to create your life the way you want it and achieving your goals and dreams. 

It’s Time For Me will support you weekly in many ways such as: classes, meditations, audio teachings, journals and so much more. The beauty of this membership is that it allows you to pick and choose whichever parts of it you would like; this gives you a more personalised experience.  It is important for me that everyone has access to wellbeing supports and It’s Time For Me allows you to choose supports that fit into your budget.  

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I want your membership experience to not only be supportive but to feel easy, uplifting and enjoyable. To help you access everything in a simpler way when you sign up you will receive your own personal webpage/url which will be the one space you can visit whenever you need. You can also add this to your phone’s homescreen and create your own personal app.

You can choose from the following membership options each month with a minimum monthly fee of €15 and a maximum monthly fee of €36.

Below is a video which shows you what your personal webpage/url will look like and how to save it onto your phone for easy access ↓

To get started on Building Your Membership, please do the following:

  • Once you have read through the options above, you can now decide which ones you would like as part of your membership.
  • Your membership cost will be based on the options you choose but please note you must choose a minimum of €15 worth of options and the maximum cost will be €36.
  • Please now fill out the form at the bottom of the page with all the options you have chosen.
  • Please note that these options will be the same every month.
  • I will contact you within 24 hours with your Monthly Subscription Cost and a link to set up your payment.
  • Your payment will come out on the same date each month.
  • Once your payment is set up I will then email you your very own personal webpage/url with all your options added to your page.
  • We begin our new month’s content on the 1st of every month.

Select the options you would like the most, add them to the form below and press submit.

I am really delighted to welcome you to It’s Time For Me and hope it is a really enjoyable experience and support for you.

Caroline x