Self-Care Bundle of Goodness



Welcome everyone to the Self-Care Bundle of Goodness


I am so excited for you all to experience and enjoy this bundle.  From the Podcast Interview with Una Kehoe (which is fantastic and so informative) to the Worksheet and more, I really hope this helps you Remember Yourself and Look After YOU much more because you are really important and deserve only the best 🙂


Begin below.  You can listen to the 3 Part Interview first and then enjoy the Article, Workbook and Meditation by clicking the links below.


Self Care Workbook


5 Things to Try to Improve Your Self Care


Self-Care Guided Meditation 



The Importance of Self-Care Podcast Interview 


Interview with Una Kehoe on the Importance of Self-Care

Una Kehoe has established her own counselling practice, located in Dundrum in Dublin.  She provides a confidential service using a variety of counselling techniques which can facilitate individual client’s needs.  Her approach to counselling is based on CBT which is about changing the way we think to improve our well-being.

Una studied at PCI College and she specializes in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and low-self-esteem and she is here today to discuss the importance of self-care and the misconception that some people have regarding the word “self-care” and how it might be misinterpreted as self-indulgence, or self-pity.

Mobile:        0876608899


Enjoy this truly fantastic interview below.


Enjoy Part 1:

What the true meaning of self-care is.

How to understand and overcome the misconception that self-care means you are being selfish.

How a lack of self-care depletes your energy and causes stress.

The main reasons we don’t care enough for ourselves.

The first steps to focus on your self-care this year.

Fantastic nuggets of advice and achievable exercises available in this part of the interview.


Enjoy Part 2:

How to focus on your self-care when you are really busy and time deprived.

Taking time away from Social Media.

How to remember YOU again.

Self-Compassion and Self-Value.

Yes, Self-Care can improve your life and Una teaches us how.


Enjoy Part 3:

Members’ Questions were sent in on Assertiveness, Guilt and Boundaries and Una brings some wonderful advice on all these elements to assure better self-care.



Wishing you a wonderful time ahead making progress

and embracing your Self-Care 🙂