It’s Time For Spirituality

Welcome to this brand new Membership I have created ~ It’s Time For Spirituality

I am delighted that you have come to this page to know more about my new monthly Membership and how it can best support you over the months ahead.

I have always felt a strong connection to the spiritual parts of me and the higher energies that surround us and mind us.  We are all on this life’s path together but that path will be very different for each one of us.

For the past 6 years I have been supporting women in my monthly self-care membership to heal and grow in ways that feel really gentle and good to them, whilst allowing them to understand themselves more, to heal the past difficulties and to embrace their true self as they move forward in life.

I wanted to create another membership for those who you who would like to delve into your spiritual path, to open up your own intuition and to move towards your desires through a deep connection to your higher self and this is why my Spiritual Membership has been created.  I would love for you to join me each month for some beautiful supports on the path you are going on next…

This will be a really great part of the membership where I can help guide and support you through my intuition and coaching. It is a lovely way to gain deeper insight or gain clarity on areas of your life; as well as practical steps you can take in your every day life. 

  • Each month you can submit your questions via the monthly form to ask specific questions you would like me to look at.  
  • Readings are sent out by the 14th/15th of each month. 
  • The reading usually takes 15 minutes. I spend the first part of the reading tuning into your energy.
  • I will then record a 10 minute reading and send to you by audio file via WhatsApp/Email, whichever you prefer.

It would be lovely to take that guidance forward with you over the month as you take your next steps.

*Please note that readings offer gentle and intuitive guidance and insight. They are not based on fortune telling or psychic predictions. The decisions a person makes after a reading are their personal responsibility.

Each month you will receive a lovely ritual that you can do in your own time. Rituals are a really powerful spiritual practice to help ground and balance you, as well tapping into the energies around you.

You will be sent the details of the ritual, as well as a lovely 10 minute meditation to listen to.

This will support you in creating sacred space for yourself at home each month and develop a monthly practice.

We will do a different ritual each month from some of the following:

Moon Rituals (on New Moons and Full Moons) for intention setting and releasing.

Manifesting Rituals to help you create and bring into your life all your desires.

Seed Planting Rituals to allow you set seeds of creation around new ideas, projects, etc you want to embark on.

Bath Rituals to improve your self-care.

Grounding Rituals to support you in feeling more connected to yourself and your life.

….and many more.

I love joining together to create a Ceremonial Gathering and each month we will do just that on Zoom.

These gatherings will be a wonderful way to rebalance our energy, meditate, drink cacao or herbal teas, chat about spirituality and intuition; and focus in on connecting with our higher self in a beautiful and sacred way.

Each gathering will be very different to allow you to enjoy new practices.

Ceremonial Gatherings will be held Monday to Thursday around 8.30pm and a replay will be available if you cannot make it.

This is one part of the Tarot Membership that I am really excited by….our Monthly Energy Report.

Each month I will send you an audio recording by email with me explaining the energy of the month ahead.  The energy reports are a blend of my intuitive sense of what energy is surrounding us over the month, as well as any important astrological events coming up.

I think energy reports are a lovely way of knowing how to work with the light and dark energies that are always there. How can we make the most of the light energy and how can we navigate through the darker energy.  This represents this ebb and flow of life and helps is to work with the natural rhythm of the energy presented to us each month.

As a valued member of It’s Time For Spirituality you can attend any paid masterclasses or meditation classes that I host free of charge, allowing you even more time to give to yourself and be supported by me in different ways. 


I have created a lovely space online where I will upload the Rituals, Meditations, Energy Reports and replays of our Ceremonial Gatherings, so that you have a place where you can listen back to anything you would like with ease or replay meditations or gatherings at any time you would like.


I would love you to be a part of this spiritual and intuitive membership and if you would like to join you can read more details below.

Monthly Cost: €30 per month.

When you join you can pause or cancel your membership at any time, so you are not obliged to sign up for a specific period of time.

[If you are currently a member of It’s Time For Me: Self-Care Membership you can join this membership for an add on fee of €20 per month, on top of your current subscription. Please contact me for details.]

Member Benefits:

It is very important to me that you feel valued as a welcome member of our community so I have added some extra goodies for you:

» Free access to my monthly meditation classes.

» Discounts on other classes/workshops that I hold.

» Join ‘It’s Time For Me’ membership for a discounted price

I have created another membership that focuses on your self-care and personal growth.  You may wish to blend both of these memberships to help you with the practical and spiritual aspects of life. You can be a member of It’s Time For Me and It’s Time For Spirituality.  Whilst content each month for both memberships is completely different and take different approaches to your life’s path, they really compliment each other well.  You can learn more HERE


The It’s Time For Spirituality membership is now open…

If you would like to join please click the link below.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Click HERE to sign up to The It’s Time For Spirituality Membership