Stuck or Confused

If you have chosen this person you are either male or female and just feeling like a lot of areas in your life are quite stagnant or not where you would like them to be.  You may be feeling confused as to how you will make the changes and this is in turn making you feel overwhelmed, stressed and even anxious.  You feel that any action you may be taking is not working and also at times you are procrastinating because you are afraid of things continuing to not work out.  You want to be in a better place and living to your potential.  You want to achieve life balance and start reaching goals.  You may not know what those goals are just yet but want to feel less stressed and clear your head so that you can figure it all out.  It can be really hard to make proper time for yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious but you would like to actually focus on how you feel in yourself emotionally, have a positive and balanced mindset and also incorporate ways to switch off, de-stress and unwind.

It’s Time For Me aims to help you with a really easy, accessible and achievable way of creating a foundation of balance, make time for your mind, give you simple mindfulness techniques to incorporate into your day.  It also aims to help you refocus on the areas of life you would like to change and the goals you would like to achieve. It aims to help you on the next steps on your path.


You will receive

 Daily Motivational Text Message (choose the days and time you receive these).

 Short & Effective Teachings only taking a few minutes a day.

Direct to your Phone via Text Message, No Log-ins, Easy & Quick.

 Every resource in the one place, no need for different apps and websites.

 Monthly subscription. No contract. Can cancel at any time.

For when you have more time

Huge Library of Online Resources   Meditations, Video Teachings, Classes, Audio Teachings, Personal Development Workbooks and Podcast Interviews with Experts.

 Live Online Classes & Ask Me Anything Sessions with teachings focusing on all areas of life (replays available).

 Private Facebook Group with more daily support, if you would like to join.

Only €10 per month. No Contract and can cancel at anytime.

Welcome and Let’s Get Started

I am delighted you are joining It’s Time For Me.

To set up your membership.  Please select the days and one time on each day you would like to receive your message and teachings on.

Please also add your full name and email address.

Once you have finished please hit the submit button, which will then bring you to a page to set up your payment.

I will be in touch with you after this time to give you details of your membership and access to all the content.

Many thanks and welcome.