Sunday Sanctuary


Welcome to Sunday Sanctuary, a beautiful and gentle 3 hour workshop to help you on your life’s path and keep you connected to your higher self.

One Sunday a month you can join me for this relaxing and empowering workshop as we work through something new each month.


Releasing Your Fears to Embrace The Real You


9th February 2020 ~ The Calm Rooms

We will join together on this powerful full moon and what a wonderful day to release all the fears that are no longer serving us.


Releasing Fear ~ Enjoy a powerful Intention Setting & Flower Ritual

In this month’s ritual, we will be releasing our fears through this ritual. To break free of all those negative patterns and beliefs that keep us stuck and make us procrastinate on our true desires and dreams.

Angel and Oracle Cards 

At different times throughout the afternoon, you will choose Angel or Oracle Cards to offer you guidance for the month ahead, on any burning questions you have and to hear what the higher energies want you to know.

Guided Meditation

Get cosy under a fleece blanket, on a yoga mat and soft cushion and put on your meditation eye pillow. Completely unwind to gentle music and essential oils, as I guide you through a relaxing and powerful guided meditation.

Raise Your Consciousness

Transforming the energy of your fears will allow you to open the space to feel empowered and begin taking the steps to creating a life that feels more aligned with your deeper emotions, values and dreams.

Understand Your Soul’s Life Lessons

You will do a gentle dive into your soul lessons and how to acknowledge, embrace and accept your fears and then release them.













I would love to have you at this workshop on Sunday 9th February, 2020 from 12pm to 3pm in The Calm Rooms, Monsktown

You can book your place below and I will contact you to confirm.

Herbal teas, water, workbooks, yoga mat, blanket, cushion and eye pillow will be provided for you.  Just bring a pen and wear something comfortable.

Much love,

Caroline xx

Sunday Sanctuary40.00 EUR
Please note that once you make payment you will not be redirected to this page. I will be in contact with you within 24 hours to confirm your place. Thank you.