It’s Time For Human Design

I am really excited to bring you another month of Human Design in the It’s Time For Me membership. Back in April 2023 I shared the first part with you and if you missed that, you can go back and listen to the weekly Guided Teachings and Masterclass replay that will help you understand the foundations of your Human Design in more detail.

If you are brand new to Human Design, it is just such a wonderful and practical system that helps you have a framework/blueprint to deeply understand your personality, gifts, strengths, purpose and challenges and to live in a way that brings awareness to all of these parts of yourself and how to live in flow and alignment with yourself in all areas of your life – personal growth, career/business, relationships, parenting and lots more.

This month we will be delving into the more intricate parts of Human Design. Whilst I am unable to help you fully analyse your chart, as this is just way too vast to teach in a month and something I do in my advanced readings, my aim is to help you understand your Bodygraph more. Your Bodygraph is the part of your chart that has triangles, squares and numbers on it. Above on my logo you will see a sample of one over the lady’s body in the image.

This month you will learn the following:

Understand the defined areas of your Bodygraph for your Human Design and how these bring you consistent energy into your life.

Understand where your source of gifts and strengths comes from and where they are in your Bodygraph.

Understand where your vulnerabilities arise in your Bodygraph.

The parts of you on your Bodygraph that do not have consistent energy to rely on/that are undefined.

How to start integrating your Human Design intricate details into your life.

An introduction to the planetary elements of your Bodygraph.

*Masterclass* You have a free Human Design 1.5 hour Masterclass at 8pm on Thursday 28th September and this will be a really in-depth look at Human Design particularly, on how to use it in all areas of your life. If you subscribe to this free Masterclass, details will be on your personal membership page. If you don’t subscribe, please let me know if you would like to attend and I will email you the details closer to the time.

*Journal* For those of you that subscribe to the monthly Journal this will be a wonderful resource to have as you can access journaling questions that relate to the undefined and defined parts of your design on your Bodygraph. If you would like to add this, you can do so for €3 for the month. Please contact me for details.

*Weekly Guided Teachings* The only way to learn any topic in It’s Time For Me is through the weekly Guided Teachings. For original members you did not have to subscribe to these (prior to March 2023) but if you would like to add these, you can do so for €10 for the month. Please contact me for details.

To get started, please do the following:

  1. Download your Chart and Free Report over at my new website HERE (this is to get to know your Human Design and also have a copy of the Bodygraph that you will need for this month’s topic)
  2. Listen to a short introduction audio below.
  3. Have a wonderful and enjoyable month learning more about yourself.

Listen to a short introduction audio below:

Have a great month!

Caroline x