Work with Me

The main mission of all the work that I do is to support women to get a deep and clear understanding of who they are, to allow the truest parts of themselves to come forward, to stop feeling guilty for wanting to live differently, to acknowledge their deepest wishes without telling themselves it is impossible…and to start doing something about it.

To do this we all must be honest with ourselves and dig deep within, so that we can offer ourselves the opportunity to experience life in a way that supports us to be the healthiest (emotionally, mentally and physically) version of ourselves. Change can feel hard, digging deep can feel uncomfortable and breaking through all the things that hold us back can feel challenging; but beyond these uncomfortable and challenging processes and feelings is a life that is aligned to who we are, to what we want and that brings all the good things that are meant for us, into our reality.

Through all the different parts of my work I help women to take a path of transformation but in a way that is going to work for them. We are all different and we all need different things; and I want each person to engage in supports that will actually make a difference to them and their life.

My work has taken me through my own ups and downs of really being accountable to myself and living life as I teach others to do. I know it is not easy but I also know it is possible. It is possible because once we realise there are no short cuts or quick fixes to our healing and changes, that’s when the real transformation can begin. Transformation is a long term commitment to yourself and to be honest, a path that will never stop. Think of times where you put time and energy into yourself and you make substantial changes, only then to take your foot off the accelerator and drift back into old patterns and habits; and that time comes around again where you feel stuck and have to start all over again. I know this pattern all too well and the only solution to it is a life of commitment to your own wellbeing.

It’s Time For Me and all the supports it offers is here to help you through all the ups and downs, the feelings of being stuck, the fears and overwhelm and to stop going around in circles. To make steady and consistent progress to get fully back to who you are and what you came here to be and to do!

As I have created a long term path of commitment to my own wellbeing, albeit it has not been a straightforward path, I know in my Soul that focusing on ourselves little by little with self-compassion and patience will have a long lasting and positive impact on us.

If you would like my work to support you on your path ahead, I would love to be invited by you to do just that. My work blends the spiritual and practical gifts that I am blessed to have been given. Whilst I share my gifts with you, this is done in a way to help you to see your own gifts and uniqueness, commit to your wellbeing and be accountable for the steps you are taking.

Commit to your wellbeing, with my support, every week through It’s Time For Me. Experience a time where you can learn how to actually start thinking about yourself, work through deeper issues in your own time and at your own pace, learn tools and techniques that will help you each day and most importantly, start showing up in your life in the way you really want to. Click HERE for more details.

I have created these sessions to offer you an opportunity to go deeper within through more personalised support from me. We will work together in ways that suit you and as part of these sessions I offer you:

Life and Intuitive Coaching:

In each session we will work together to look at where you life is currently and map out where you would like to go in life. We will delve into what may be holding you back or stopping you from living how you wish to and achieving what you desire. We will create goals that can be followed month to month and a plan of how to best support yourself.

Each session allows me to get to know your personal energy and get an understanding of what will work for you in life. I can then help you to create your goals and next steps in a way that will work for you and give you a better chance of success, should you commit to those goals and steps.

Guided Personal Visualisation:

You have the option in our sessions for me to take you through a personalised visualisation of you achieving your dreams and goals. This can be helpful to feel into all the sensations and emotions of creating and achieving what you desire.

Soul Inquiry:

You have the option in our sessions for me to take through a powerful Soul Inquiry and meditative journey so that you can go deeply into yourself and hear your own inner guidance. This can be very beneficial to support you to start hearing your own voice and begin listening to it.

How to take your next steps:

These sessions are perfect for you if you are –

1. Really ready for change and transformation;

2. Ready to commit to yourself and to the work we will do together;

3. Willing to be fully accountable for what you will need to do.

Details of cost and booking:

Sessions are held monthly on Zoom or by phone and will take place Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

One Session: €100

Pre-book 3 sessions: €270

All sessions are payable in advance via PayPal or Revolut.

I am opening space for a small number people per month and if you would like to find out more details about working together, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me HERE