The Year of You

It’s Time For Me gives you the opportunity to commit to one year of self-focus and growth. To know who you truly are, live by your personal human design, begin transforming by doing the inner work and creating a life that feels suited to you. To de-condition from the years of your life and remember that the person within is more than good enough; all you need to do is to mind that sacred part of yourself.

It’s Time For Me is a beautiful online space for you. When you start you will get to know your Human Design foundations with Caroline to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, your gifts & strengths and how to work with your unique energy.

Following on from that, every month Caroline will guide you to embark on your own personal transformation through healing, growth and tapping into your inner wisdom through her coaching and teachings. To come out of your head, back into your body and remember your intuitive knowing. To start living from that powerful place within so that you are better equipped to deal with the circumstances and situations life brings your way and also, build a strong level of resilience. Life will always be up and down and nothing is guaranteed. This is why we all deserve to do the very best we can to honor ourselves and live as we are meant to.

The core of It’s Time For Me is the Weekly Guidance that will share insights and teachings about each month’s topic and how to implement what you’ve learned into your life. You can then add optional extra supports, which compliment the weekly guidance. You can choose from a range of options that you feel would suit you best, all of which are detailed below. To make your experience easier you will receive a personal url/webpage that will be your very own private page to access whenever you want.

Take a moment below to scroll through some of the monthly topics we’ve covered in It’s Time For Me.

You can also hear from other members who share their experience of being a part of It’s Time For Me HERE

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If you would like to join It’s Time For Me and allow me to guide you, I would be delighted to welcome you as you commit to a one year membership to give yourself the time and dedication for your growth and healing.

I want your experience to be as personalised as possible so that your pathway suits your energy and what supports you enjoy.

You can pay monthly or annually for your 12 month membership subscription.

I would love to connect with you and understand a little more about why you wish to join.

I invite you now to complete the below application form below, along with selecting what options you would like as part of your subscription.

Step One: Please read through the options below that you can add to your monthly subscription.

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Step Four: Caroline will review your application and be in touch by email.

Thank you so much for wishing to join It’s Time For Me.