About Caroline

Human Design Guide, Coach and Meditation Teacher

As you have landed on my website you may be looking for ways to help you feel good and reasons to take those first steps towards change. You can listen to/read more about my work and my life’s path below, as well as my trainings and qualifications.

If you would like to listen about me and my work, I  was invited to speak on a podcast with Ellen Shilling and shared with her all about my work, what led me to it, how I feel I can guide others and about how my own path of healing after difficult circumstances brought me back in connection with myself.  If you prefer to read a little more about me, you can continue reading below. Thank you.

I have been guiding people since 2008 through my work and I am passionate about helping you to find a pathway to start living as yourself, doing things you are passionate about, avoiding stagnation & burn out and understanding who you truly are. 

I have watched people move from the most stressful of circumstances to feeling like their real self and creating the life they know that is meant for them. 

I have helped people gain better coping strategies so that when stress and difficulty happen (which they do) they will not feel as triggered or overwhelmed by them.

I have supported people to regain their confidence and start to trust in their own voice again.

I have gently guided people to go for what they really want by working with their fears and doubts.

I blend my experience of working with people for so many years, along with my own life’s path, which has been one where I didn’t even understand what self-care really meant and I gave way too much of myself, felt depleted all the time, was running on empty and many areas of my life never moved forward.  After years of doing this I had to stop and make that decision to do something about it…and like so many of us, I still have to keep doing that work on myself and not go back to that place. 

My wish for you is to experience life as you are meant to and to fully accept every part of who you are – because you are unique and perfect enough as yourself.

Caroline x

My Trainings and Qualifications

2023: Founded It’s Time For Human Design

2023: Diploma in Human Design (CPD Accredited)

2021: Developed & Created a Wellbeing Support Programme for the staff of Children’s Health Ireland

2022: Certified Cacao Facilitator Trainer

2018: Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

2016: Founded It’s Time For Me

2015: Certificate in Life Coaching

2007 – 2012: Various Meditation trainings.

2006 – 2010: Professional Law Entrance Exams

2004: Bachelors Degree in Commerce (International Studies)

Meet the Team

I have a great team of support around me to help me create all that It’s Time For Me has to offer.