Harnessing the Energy of 2020

Weekly Teachings 

4th February 2020 – Everything is Cyclical 

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30th January 2020 – Where is the Light?

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26th January 2020 – It is your Birthright

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20th January 2020 – Who is in the driving seat?

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Welcome to this brand new month and a brand new decade.  What an incredible time you have decided to focus on your soul’s path in life.  2020 is going to be a year that will be remembered for decades and decades to come, as this is the year where we will see huge change.  This is already occurring if you look at what has been going on around the world in the past 2 weeks…..It is only the 12th of January and look at everything that has happened ~ from the devastation in Australia, the potential start of war between Iran and the USA, a major plane crash, an earthquake in Puerto Rico.  Don’t allow these things to create fear within you, however, as these events are here to show us the need for us all to now raise our consciousness and understand that we are interconnected to all living things, beings and our planet. That now more than ever, we need to help ourselves and others to have deep compassion and kindness and to create more joy in life.  These devastating things are not occurring because we have peaceful people in the world, they are being created because of the complete opposite.  It is our purpose to try and elevate the energy of the world.  Often times we think we have no ability to change the world but you have more ability than you can even imagine.  If you can feel good and fully connected to yourself, you can help spread that light to show others how to do the same.

This is a year for you to fully step into your power, to embrace the wonderful parts that make You and to recognise the need for old ways of thinking, acting and going about daily life to change.  To become more present in yourself, more aware of your purpose here on Earth.  You are living at this time with all of these powerful changes for a reason.  Your soul chose this time for you to be here and that is no coincidence.

I am really excited to bring you through an incredible month and delving deep into you soul’s path and purpose as you Harness the Energy of 2020 and elevate your consciousness to high levels.  I also wish for great things for you because when you empower yourself and be fully yourself, the magical things that will be happen will be incredible!


This month you will enjoy:


One Card Reading – You will have received this by text already. 


2 X Guided Meditation Audios.  



Harness the Energy of 2020 – Soul Journal.  Please click the blue link below to access.

Harness the Energy of 2020 – Soul Journal

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Live & Online Soul Gathering 

Join me on Wednesday 22nd January at 9pm for a New Moon Ritual, Intention Setting, Guided Meditation and Teachings on the Energy of 2020. (Replay Available)