Allow Yourself

You are really welcome to this brand new month here at It’s Time For Me ~ Allow Yourself.

This month is another gentle but uplifting month where we will focus on allowing ourselves to be who would like to be and do the things we would like to.

Often we spend time living within limitations. Some of those limitations are of course necessary but the majority are ones that we have created in our mind or are a result of things we have been taught such as ‘it is selfish to take a break or put your needs first’. How often in your life are you holding yourself back from being more of a free spirit? How often do you do things you actually do not want to? How often do you have a desire to go for something different in your life but won’t allow yourself go for it? How often do you only allow yourself to take a break when you are unwell? How often do you allow yourself do many things when circumstances allow but you wouldn’t make the decision yourself?

Very often not allowing ourselves to do the things that we want comes down to what is expected of us socially, especially as women, a feeling of guilt of putting ourselves first, a limited belief that we should just follow a normal path in life and not step off that, a fear of what others will think of us and questioning whether we are even capable. As you can see many of these reasons are not because we don’t truly want to allow ourselves but because we simply do not know how.

I know I have shared this before but when my Granny was diagnosed with cancer and told her time would be limited my Mum asked her what she would like to do now? My mum was suggesting a trip away etc or anything else she would like. My Granny simply turned to her and said ‘I want to grow my hair long to let my curls out and I want to wear long floaty dresses’.  My Granny was already a free spirit going against the grain in many ways but when I heard that it has always stuck with me that because she knew her time on earth was now coming to an end she would finally allow herself to be completely who she wanted to be. She did grow her hair and she had the softest and most beautiful curls and I still remember her in the hospital with her gorgeous hair smiling at me….but why couldn’t she have let herself have those curls before?

Why do we have to wait until we are sick to do the things we love and to be fully ourselves?

Why do we have to wait until that person let’s us down time and time again before we put in strong boundaries?

Why does it take years and years for us to finally see our worth and truly for go our dreams?

Why does it take getting a cold/flu/mild illness for us to allow ourselves take time off work or normal life?

Why does it take burn out before we allow ourselves to rest and refocus on ourselves?

Why is it so hard for us to allow ourselves believe in ourselves or believe that things will work out?

Why is it we only change job/career or start a business when we have reached our limit of stress in our current roles/projects?

Why won’t we allow ourselves have our hair exactly how we want, wear clothes that others might not like or not follow the trend?

Can we just allow ourselves now to move in the direction we really want to go? That doesn’t mean it is uncomfortable or easy but it is so much better.

My brother is the most laid back person I have ever met. So laid back very little gets done and he goes at a slow pace. Myself and Mum for years have always been trying to get him to focus a bit more or go at a quicker pace when things need to be done…but he has never changed.

Over the past few years I started to look at this differently. Out of myself, my Mum and my brother he is the only one of the three of us that is very rarely stressed, he is never sick, he is very content and as he says himself ‘he is very happy’. He doesn’t take on the stress of others and if he does he has ways he releases them. He is quiet and shy and very happy.  I asked him at the weekend how does he remain so peaceful and he replied to me ‘I don’t take things on the way you do, I don’t overthink and I just allow myself to live as I wish’.  Very simple and very calm.

I am learning so much from just observing how he is and the biggest takeaway I have is that he allows himself to be fully who he is!

This month we are going to delve into this idea of allow ourselves to be fully who we are. I will be learning right along side you as always.

You can listen to a brief audio below about what we will do this month:

Wishing you a lovely month ahead and I hope you can allow yourself to be all that you came here to be!

Caroline x

Before you begin this month’s topic I would like you to take a moment to reflect on where you are in your life when it comes to allowing yourself by pondering over this question…

Close your eyes and breathe in and out until the body feels at ease.  Next, read this reflective thought: Why don’t I allow myself? and see what comes up.

Every week I send you, by text message, two bite sized audio insights to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

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21st July 2022 ~ Who would I be if I allowed myself?

I really hope you enjoy a Meditative Journey to support you this month and also a short reflection to help rebalance your energy.

Press the play button beneath each one and enjoy.

Free Spirit – Guided Meditative Journey

Let Go – Rebalancing Your Energy

I hope you enjoy your intuitive guidance which you will receive on the 2nd August 2022.

I will be sending these out on the 1st of each month (or near to the 1st if it falls at a weekend).

I have created a lovely journal for you this month.  I hope you can take some time out just for you and allow yourself the space to journal and learn more about yourself.

You can access this journal by clicking the link below:

Your Journal – Allow Yourself

You can listen to the replay of this month’s gathering if you were not able to attend on Sunday morning 24th July.

What you will need:

Herbal tea ritual ~ please bring a cup of hot water and keep your herbal tea bag separate as we will be using this to do a gentle and calming ritual.

Creative drawing ~ please bring paper and colouring pencils/crayons etc. for this lovely exercise.

Meditation ~ I will guide you through an uplifting meditation to support you in allowing yourself.

To listen back to this month’s gathering please click the link below:

We joined together on Zoom on Tuesday August 2nd from 9pm to 10pm where I guided us through a really gentle and lovely meditative journey to help you connect with the expansiveness of your soul energy and bring more of that energy into your body and your life.

If you missed this class you can listen to the audio replay by clicking the link below: