Believe in Yourself Cards


I am delighted to bring you a beautiful deck of cards to help you feel supported, uplifted and encouraged each and every day.

My wish for these cards is to help people who need light in their day, those suffering from difficult illnesses, brain injuries, dementia/alzhiemers, depression and mental health issues.

I also wish that these cards can be a support to the wonderful carers and family members offering their love and time to those in need but who may be forgetting to mind and care for themselves.

I share the story of how and why our cards were created below.  You can also listen to me speak about the story of our cards on The Ryan Trubridy Show on RTE One Radio.

My Dad had 3 brain surgeries in 1994 and was left with a brain injury and the left piece of his skull was removed. 

He began writing positive messages and poems for the past 26 years to help him cope with the depression, loneliness and difficulties that he experienced after this.  He always motivated himself and did so much in life with a determined attitude. 

In early 2019 he began developing very progressive vascular dementia and experienced a very stressful and difficult time.  I wanted to help him feel more calm and relaxed and writing and creating always did that for him. 

He always wanted to encourage people who had gone through painful times and experiences to believe in themselves so I thought that it would be a lovely idea to bring his positive messages to life and help others along the way. 

Taking his lovely words, we joined together to create these beautiful Believe in Yourself Cards.  I designed each card to bring colour to his words and bring an uplifting message to someone each day.  

In October 2020 my Dad sadly passed away from Covid after a short stay in a nursing home and I really want to share his cards with the world.  

At his funeral we brought these cards up as one of the gifts and the pianist approached me afterwards to say how much the story of his cards and our path in supporting our Dad had helped him that day, as his own Dad had long term Alzheimers and he was finding it very hard. He said he would use them for himself but also would read a card a day to his Dad.  I knew in that moment that I had to continue on my Dad’s wishes for these cards to help as many people as possible and also I feel this is a part of his legacy.

My Dad’s name was Eddie but he created the name Sedrec from the initials of myself and my siblings and used that to sign off on all his work.


Each pack of Cards contains:

33 beautiful, bright and colourful cards. 

I have also included a blank card with the Believe in Yourself image on the back, if you would like to give a gift of these cards to someone special you can write them a personal note/message. 

If you are buying the cards for yourself you could use this card to write your uplifting and encouraging message just for you.

I  will be donating 30% of all profits directly to  Headway Brain Injury Services & Support in Ireland who do fantastic work to support those with brain injuries and their families. 



I really hope you enjoy our cards and they bring some light to your day.

There are 33 cards in this deck, each one is 10cm x 6cm and they come in a lovely box to keep them safe.  They could be perfect for you or for someone special in your life. Packaged in luxurious gold paper and ribbon.