BiMonthly Masterclass

Masterclasses are wonderful ways of learning about something new and different every second month, that I think you will really enjoy. You can read about the next Masterclass and enjoy replays of all previous Masterclasses below.

Join me on Monday 18th December from 8pm to 10pm Irish time for this powerful and uplifting Masterclass as we let go of the year that has been, celebrate all we have achieved and release all that was difficult. We will prepare for 2024, set our goals, get clear on our intentions, how we wish to treat ourselves and get ready for all we wish to achieve.

You will need a candle, notebook, pen and create a cosy space for yourself.

To join on the night, please click the link below:

Topic: Letting go of 2023 – Welcoming 2024
Time: Dec 18, 2023 08:00 PM Dublin

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Meeting ID: 820 9803 9714

Human Design Masterclass

I was really excited to host this wonderful Masterclass on Thursday 28th September.

*Important* Please download your Chart & Report HERE through my new website and software. Please select the Free Report and Add to Cart. It is free so you will not be charged but this is the report that you need to use for the class. It will be emailed straight to you once you complete these steps.

*Please also note* In the class I refer to triangles and squares on the bodygraph. If you are using a different chart and bodygraph other than my one above, there will be other shapes. All shapes are included, I just refer to them as triangles and squares.

*Finally please also note* I refer to circled numbers in the squares and triangles when I speak about your gates. The circled numbers that relate to you are the ones that are coloured in.

During this class you will learn about:

An introduction to Human Design and your important foundational elements How to simplify it and enjoy using it.

How you are designed and how your personality was created through Human Design.

How to get to know and understand your personal Human Design via your Chart.

How to integrate your personal Human Design into your life: specifically relationships, work/business, communication, parenting, finances and your personal growth.

How using Human Design can help you reduce challenges and help you thrive more.

The replay Masterclass is below:

Make your own Sacred Bath/Shower Blend and Ritual – 11th July 8pm to 9pm

During this beautiful we made our own sacred bath/shower blend infused with intentions. We then created our own ritual/ceremony to use with our blend.

You will need the following but please note if you have allergies to any of these items, please do not use them; and also, please note that by attending this Masterclass you understand that I cannot take responsibility if you have any reaction to your bath blend.

Epsom Salts

Your favourite essential oil scent(s)

Fresh flower petals

Your favourite crystal(s)

Anything else you would like to add (herbs, etc.)

Jar and Lid

Plain labels for your jar (optional)


Paper and pen

To listen back to the replay please click the link below:

Connecting to Your Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Intuition

If you missed this beautiful class on 18th May 2023, you can listen back to it below.

Please bring a candle, paper, pen and any crystals or tools that you might work with or have on your personal altar.

Masterclass Replay link ~ please press the play button below to listen:


Join me for an interactive and fun Masterclass on Wednesday, 22nd March from 8pm to 9.15pm.

We will be getting very clear on our vision for our life AND making our vision one that aligns with how we operate in our daily life, what time we have and what feels comfortable to us personally.

You will need:

A4/A3 paper.

Colouring pens, markers, crayons or colouring pencils.

An open mind 🙂

To listen back to this masterclass please click the link below:

Mindset Masterclass

In this Masterclass where we covered the following:

(Please have a pen and paper when doing this Masterclass)

~ The Power of the Mind and how to tap into it.

~ The Mind – Body connection.

~ Spirit and Intuition

~ The Subconscious Mind: How it can not be changed but new thoughts can be added to it.

~ The Conscious Mind

~ Positive Psychology: Ways to support the mind to shift into a more positive state.

~ Accepting anxious, worrying and fearful thoughts.

~ The Power of Choice within the Mind.

In this really in-depth masterclass we will chat, journal, visualise and more and I can’t wait to see you there.

Click the replay link below to listen back: