BiMonthly Masterclass

You can enjoy a Masterclass every second month. Read below for details on our next Masterclass.

Mindset Masterclass: 5th JanuaryReplay Below

In this Masterclass where we covered the following:

(Please have a pen and paper when doing this Masterclass)

~ The Power of the Mind and how to tap into it.

~ The Mind – Body connection.

~ Spirit and Intuition

~ The Subconscious Mind: How it can not be changed but new thoughts can be added to it.

~ The Conscious Mind

~ Positive Psychology: Ways to support the mind to shift into a more positive state.

~ Accepting anxious, worrying and fearful thoughts.

~ The Power of Choice within the Mind.

In this really in-depth masterclass we will chat, journal, visualise and more and I can’t wait to see you there.

Click the replay link below to listen back: