Wishing you the happiest New Year and welcome to our first month of 2021.  My hope for this you this year is to bring you on a path to create more calm, balance, peace and joy within and also in your outer life.  We are moving away from the energies of 2020 but there is still lingering themes and lessons that we are experiencing.  No matter where you are in the world at this time reading this, most places are experiencing changes in some form or another, both individually and collectively.  We all now have a responsibility to care for ourselves on a much deeper level.  Self-care has moved away from being something we would like to do…it has become a necessity.  As we navigate through the changes our world is experiencing and the direct impact this has on each of us on a personal level, by truly looking after yourself you have now chosen to give yourself the most wonderful opportunity to grow, progress and elevate within your life.

When choosing this month’s theme, the word ‘Calm’ kept coming to my mind and I am really delighted to help us this month to bring more calm into our everyday life.  Feeling calm can help rebalance the physical, mental and emotional self, as well as help us to respond and react to things with a more balanced perspective.  My hope this month is to create a space for you to feel fully supported by my teachings so that you can begin to find that place of calm within yourself and start to bring that calmness outward into all areas of your life.

A lot of you may feel tired and worn out by the world events at this time but may feel ready to experience changes.  No matter the limitations and restrictions we are experiencing at this time that does not mean we cannot create changes and wonderful experiences in our life while all of this is going on.

Take time as you read this to set a deep intention to fully embrace yourself, to mind yourself and to know that by bringing a calmness to both body and mind that you will be able to move forward easily in life at this time.

Be gentle with yourself and always feel free to email me or text me if you feel stuck with anything or are finding it hard to get going on the teachings or meditations. Know that you are fully supported and know that you can fully support yourself too.

Here is to a beautiful and calming month ahead.

Much love,

Caroline x

Every week I send you three Audio Teachings by text on different days each week.  When you get your text, there will be a link in it to listen to your teachings.  Click the link and scroll down to this section, where you can listen and enjoy.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below:

1st February 2021Calm creates inner flow 

Click below to listen to today’s audio teaching. Enjoy ?


25th January 2021 – Let the Anger Out

Click below to listen and enjoy today’s teaching.

20th January 2021 – The Body Always Knows

Click below to listen to today’s audio teaching.

18th January 2021 – The Stress Balloon. The Joy Balloon

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

14th January 2021 – Create Your Sanctuary

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

11th January 2021 – Take a moment for Calm

Click below to enjoy today’s teaching.

8th January 2021 – Align with Calm. Align with Yourself 

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

6th January 2021 – Calming Ways

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Each month I pick one Card for you and send you a personal reading by text message.  Your reading will be with you on Friday 8th January 2021.  Please let me know if you would like an Angel Card or a Tarot Card for your reading.

Thank you and I really hope you enjoy it.

As part of some lovely changes I am making to It’s Time For Me, I am now giving you three Guided Meditations instead of two.

Please enjoy these new Guided Meditations I have recorded for you.  My meditations aim to help you relax, unwind and reconnect with yourself.  Take time to do these each week as they can help you with renewing and resetting.

Press the ‘play button’ under each image to listen.  I hope you experience healing and cleansing when you are listening to them.

Another lovely addition I have made to your monthly Bundle is to give you a gentle Morning Ritual which you can do every day over the course of the month, or even every few days.

This Ritual aims to help you start your day in a calm and peaceful way as many of us (including myself) get up quickly and rush about our morning. I hope you enjoy this.

Morning Ritual

Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than normal or if you wake naturally, that is perfect, just allow yourself 15 minutes for this ritual.

Take 5 deep breaths in and out before you rise from your bed.

Sit up at the edge of your bed and take 5 more deep breaths in and out.

Take a moment to think of your day ahead and notice how your body and mind are feeling.

Next ask yourself how you are truly feeling.

If they feel stressed, ask yourself what you can do to release some tension or simply just sit with the feeling and keep breathing in and out to help the body relax more.

If you are feeling calm and happy also sit with this lovely feeling.

When you get up have a glass of warm water, warm water with lemon or a herbal tea and just sit with your water or tea and sip it slowly and peacefully.

Enjoy your beautiful day ahead.

I have also created an Evening Ritual for you, which can be done at late in the evening or before bed.

This Ritual aims to help you finish your day by releasing any stress or tension and allow you to have a restful and deep night’s sleep.

Evening Ritual

Sit quietly at the edge of your bed or on a chair.

Close your eyes and tune into your body and mind.

Notice how you are feeling and simply just breathe in and out for as long as you feel you need to.

Next, open your eyes and take a pen and paper.

Write down anything you are feeling as a way of releasing so that the mind can rest and switch off during your sleep.

Think of something you are grateful for and focus on this for a few moments.

Take 3 deep breaths in and out.

Enjoy your beautiful night and night’s sleep.


Each month I am going to create a Ritual for you which will be done on a particular day of the month.  It will have a meditation, workbook and ritual.

On this day I will also be offering a free live Online Class/Ceremony for you to enjoy with me on Zoom.


This month’s ritual will be celebrating the New Moon on Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 8.30pm on Zoom.

Re-energising us and creating wonderful new beginnings in this month of January.

You can come back here on this day to access everything and I will also text you with full details.

I hope you enjoy this month’s in depth Soul Journal to help you navigate through your thoughts and accompany you while you take time for yourself this month.  I always suggest making a ritual out of the times you sit down to journal.

Make a date with yourself.  Pick a time and day now that you will devote to yourself.  Put it in your diary so you don’t forget.  Get cosy and comfortable in a quiet space, light a candle (safely), put on some gentle music and begin to journal.

Click to open and start your Journal : Calm Workbook

Every month we join together online to connect, meditate, delve more into the teachings of the month and our Soul Journals. I also offer time to answer any questions you may have about this month’s topic.

Our next Soul Gathering is on Wednesday 27th January at 8.30pm.