Career & Your Passions

Welcome to this new month at It’s Time For Me…a month to uplift your energy and leave aside the deeper healing work we have been doing for the last number of months.

Many of us have goals for our career and our passion projects, as well as our path towards our life’s work.  For some that may be progressing in career, starting a new business, starting a charitable organisation, learning an instrument, getting back to your creative passions or a host of all other interests.

I would like you to take a moment now to stop and ask yourself – what passion do you want to start this month or begin again with?  If you would prefer to focus on your career or new work paths and businesses then take a moment to ask what exactly it is you want to focus on.

It is really important to have a clear vision/idea for this month.  You don’t need to know what it is fully and definitely don’t need to focus on how it will happen; just allow yourself to align with what you want, without limitations, and what you are feeling pulled or drawn to.  You will see this in your mind or feel this or sense this within.

The reason I wanted to do a topic like this is because this year (2022) in It’s Time For Me I have a very clear mission to help all of you to start to live as you desire and despite our setbacks and stresses to know that it is possible to attain the desires and visions you have for yourself.  When we truly dig deep and go within ourselves and listen to the calling from within about what our passions are and what we desire in our work area, we can get very clear  information. Sometimes we don’t have clarity but we just have a deep sense of wanting to do something different and this month you are answering that internal call.

Our work and passions can take up a lot of our life so it is important, therefore, that you are doing things you really want to do that reflect your values, ethics and true desires.  We have been having so much global change occur in quite a short time over these past few years and now more than ever before, it is important for us to really honor ourselves, our voice and what we want for our life.

This month will take you on a path to finding your passion, finding your next or new career path, help you progress in your current work, help you restart a passion or start a new business.  Whichever one is more relevant to you…know that it can be deeply aligned to your truest self and that’s my goal for you all this month.

As always, if you need any support, please do get in touch with me 🙂

Have a quick listen to what we will be covering this month in the audio below.

Please click the play button to listen.

Much love to you,

Caroline x

Take a moment now to think about what you hope to discover or learn through this month.  It could be a lovely idea to have a notebook and write down the answer to this question and create a space in this notebook for any insights you may get over this light and uplifting month.

Every week I send you, by text message, 2 bitesize Teachings/Lessons in audio format each week to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below.

6th April 2022 – ‘See Yourself Clearly’ Guided Visualisation

Click below to listen to and enjoy this visualisation as the last teaching of this month’s topic.

30th March 2022 – Career / Business /Life’s Calling Workbooks

Today’s teaching is not an audio teaching. What I have created are 3 different workbooks to help you in the following areas: Career Path / Career Change | Business / New Business | Life’s Calling / Purpose

I really hope they are helpful for you.  You may want to complete all three of them depending on your circumstances. Click each link below to access and download.

Your Business Workbook

Your Career Workbook

Your Life’s Work or Calling Workbook

25th March 2022 – Acknowledge Your Limiting Beliefs

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

23rd March 2022 – Put Solid Supports in Place from the Start

Click below to listen and enjoy 💜

18th March 2022 – Create Your Blueprint

Click below to listen and enjoy.

15th March 2022 – Start Your Preparations

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

11th March 2022 – Set Your Goals in Colour 

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

8th March 2022 ~ Why am I being called to this?

Click below to listen and enjoy today’s teaching.

This month I will be doing readings from my tarot cards, as I am back doing these.  The Tarot can give much deeper insight so if you have any specific question you would like me to ask the cards, please let me know.

You will receive a voice note on WhatsApp with your reading and this will be with you by Tuesday 5th April.

Listen below to two brand new beautiful Guided  Meditations I have recorded  to help you this month.

I really hope you enjoy these meditations as they aim to relax and uplift you. Click the play buttons below to listen.

Cleansing Waters Meditation

The Mountain of Peace Meditation

Every month I create a downloadable Journal for you with questions about our month’s topic.

This month we are going to be focusing on journaling and giving a good bit of time and energy to it.  For this reason I want to guide you through the journaling each step of the way.

I am not providing you with a downloadable journal because I want to you to buy a notebook specifically for this topic and to do the journal prompts/questions as I give them to you in the weekly teachings. We will be going through a process of discovery and creativity this month so I would like you to have more space for writing.

(I mention this in Tuesday 8th March’s teaching. Thank you.)

This month’s gathering was held on Sunday 13th March.  If you missed this class you can listen to the replay by clicking the link below. Thank you.


If you missed our quarterly Goal Setting Workshop on Saturday 2nd April, you can listen back to it HERE