Inner Child

Welcome to this month ~ My Inner Child.  I am really looking forward to guiding you through this topic over the next four weeks.  This is a topic I have wanted to share with you for a while and I felt that after last month where we looked at the value of ourselves, it was the perfect next step on our paths.

Connecting with your inner child happens through the subconscious mind to meet the parts of your younger self that did not have all its needs met at particular times in childhood.  These needs that wish to be met still lie within you and as adults they can show themselves through how we react and respond to things in our life, how we do/do not set boundaries, how we look after our health; both physical and mental, how we develop relationships, how our relationship to money can be, how dependent or independent we are and what are behaviours are like.  As you can see, our inner child and our needs can be impacting every area of your life. In essence, your inner child could be running the show and in the driving seat of your life.  This leads to living life from an unhealed space and can hold you back.

There is also the aspect of our child that is joyful, playful, free and fun and as we grow older we can forget this part of us still exists within and could be very beneficial to our daily lives if we tapped into her. This part of ourselves can help us to thrive in life and become who we know we truly are.

We will be delving deep this month, but in a gentle way, to uncover the parts of our inner child that want healing and are looking to be heard and we will also uncover the parts of our inner child that are light and uplifting and bring those to the surface every day.

This month may bring up things to the surface, so if anything is too heavy please do let me know and I can guide you to other therapies that can assist you on this path.

I am really excited for us to get started.  The more we are aware, the more we can heal 🙂

You can listen below to a short audio on what is to come this month:

Take a moment now as you are reading this to think about what you would like to learn or experience this month? Perhaps you would like to learn how to connect to the lighter parts of your inner child and bring that to the surface…perhaps you would like to experience a feeling of healing. Whatever it may be take a moment now to think of that.

Wishing you a lovely month ahead.

Caroline x

Every week I send you, by text message, 2 bitesize Teachings/Lessons in audio format each week to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below.

4th March 2022 – Your Healing Matters More Than You Know

Click below to listen to the final teaching of this month’s topic.

1st March 2022 – Give Your Inner Child Something Nice 

Click below to listen to today’s reading.

24th February 2022 – Simplify Your Life

Click below to listen and enjoy.

22nd February 2022 – Nurture the Ups and Downs of your Inner Child

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18th February 2022 – The Light of Your Inner Child

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16th February 2022 – What Do You Expect From Others? 

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10th February 2022 – Your Identity

Click below to listen and enjoy today’s teaching (it’s a little longer than usual)

7th February 2022 – Let’s Go Back

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3rd February 2022 ~ Picture Your Inner Child

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Listen below to two brand new beautiful Guided Healing Meditations I have recorded for you to help you this month.  I really hope you enjoy these meditations as they are calming and gentle.

The Peaceful Path  Guided Meditation

This Time I Choose Myself  Guided Meditation

Enjoy this month’s Soul Journal by clicking the link below.

Take time for yourself over the next month to sit in a quiet and comfortable space and let your pen flow on the paper without judging your thoughts or feelings. Giving yourself this time allows you to connect with your higher self/soul and hear what it has to say.

Inner Child Journal

Our Monthly Gathering was held on Sunday 20th February at 8.30pm.

You can listen back to the replay by clicking the link below.

This month I would like to recommend a book I have just finished myself, which touches on a small part of our inner child but also our overall life and it is wonderful.

Awaken Your Power Within by Gerry Hussey