You are so welcome to this new month all about Communication!  I think this is a topic we will all get something from as communication makes up so much of our everyday interactions; from family, friends, colleagues, partners and even how we communicate with ourselves.  One of the members (thank you Audrey!) asked me if I would cover this topic and I am delighted to share it with you this month.

This month we will be working through the following things:

How do we communicate with ourselves:  How do we speak to ourselves and what way do we support/not support ourselves through communication.  Do you listen when your body is trying to communicate how it is feeling?  Do you hear when your instincts are trying to communicate with you? Do you acknowledge your emotions/feelings when they come to the surface and listen to what they are communicating to you?

Communicating our needs and emotions to others.

Improving our communication in our relationships. Recognising our triggers and frustrations, dealing with them and not allowing them to take over the true essence of what we are actually trying to express.

Understanding that communication is not just verbal, in fact most communication is through our actions and our body language.

Becoming confident in sharing your voice so that you can communicate effectively whilst feeling good and empowered.

Dealing with people who are causing you issues and how to communicate with them in difficult situations.

Communicating your boundaries with others.

Learning to say ‘no’, especially when you feel uncomfortable to do so.

Have a quick listen to the audio below which explains a little more of what we will be doing this month.

Before you get started on this month’s topic of Communication, I would like you to take a moment now and think about what you would like to improve in your own communication this month?

Set yourself a goal to focus on so that you can work on this over the coming weeks with all the supports below.

Every week I send you, by text message, 2 or 3 bitesize Teachings/Lessons in audio format each week to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below.

10th December 2021 – What can we bring forward with us?

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7th Decemeber 2021 – Positive Communication

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2nd December 2021 – Take your first steps to voicing your true self

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30th November 2021 – Your True Voice

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25th November 2021 – Boundaries and Action

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23rd November 2021 – Your Communication Patterns in Close Relationships

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19th November 2021 – Look at Your Close Relationships

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17th November 2021 – Communication Changes Everything!

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This month I will be doing readings from oracle cards, combined with my intuition. You can also send me a question by text/email if you have one.

You will receive a voice note on WhatsApp with your reading and this will be with you by December 11th 2021.

Listen below to two brand new beautiful Guided Healing Meditations I have recorded for you to help you this month.

Strengthen Your Voice – Guided Meditation

Speak Kindly to Yourself – Guided Meditation

Enjoy this month’s Soul Journal by clicking the link below.

Take time for yourself over the next month to sit in a quiet and comfortable space and let your pen flow on the paper without judging your thoughts or feelings.

Click the link to download »»  Communication Journal 2021

Our Monthly Soul Circle was held on Zoom on Sunday 28th November 2021 at 8.30pm.  

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I recommend this book that I read earlier this year and it has been life changing.

‘The Body Says No’ by Gabor Maté showing the effect of having a long life pattern of not listening to your needs, not knowing how to say ‘no’ to others and how in certain circumstances this trauma can lead to chronic stress and illness.