Corporate Work

I provide Corporate Wellness Days & Group Classes/Workshops and work with a company’s individual needs to provide interactive, mindful and fun teachings to their staff in the workplace.

Due to the busyness and pressures of life, we are seeing a growing trend of both men and women burning out more from overwhelm, stress and a lack of support.


I am delighted to be involved with companies supporting the Green Ribbon Campaign.  Companies are now seeing the impact of mental health on their staff and are doing all they can to support them and create an environment where there is no longer a stigma towards mental well being.

My Wellness Days & Group Classes/Workshops provide a haven of support, encouragement and mindfulness through different aspects of teachings.


Sample Wellness Day – Half Day Itinerary:

9am to 10am:  Guided Meditation & Relaxation Class:  This class provides a calming space for your staff to unwind, de-stress and focus on themselves.

10.15am to 11.30am: Clarity Sessions:  This class provides an interactive and motivating space for your staff to delve into each area of their life through life coaching techniques that I provide, to understand the areas of their life that needs focus, to set their goals, to see how they can achieve their goals and to allow them to walk away with more clarity of mind and focus.

11.45am to 12.30pm: The Mindfulness Colouring Hub:  This area allows members of staff join me for 45 minutes of mindful colouring, while listening to relaxing music.  This is proven to reduce anxiety & stress, as well as allow staff to open their logical and creative minds.  It is also an alternative to meditation, for those who would prefer something different.

12.45pm to 1.30pm:  Round Table Q&A:  This would allow staff to join me, where I would open up a conversation around our mental well being, creating more balance in life and allow staff members to ask any questions they may have on topics of well being.


All materials are provided on the day.  Half Day Rates are available upon request.

Sample Wellness Day – Full Day Itinerary:

Generally, for a full wellness day, the above Itinerary would be offered twice in the day.  Before lunch and after lunch, to allow for staff who could not attend the morning sessions and also to accommodate large numbers of staff.


All materials are provided on the day.  Full Day Rates are available upon request. 


If you would like to book a class or workshop for your staff, I can offer this service.

Classes/Workshops would be charged at an hourly rate and these rates are available upon request.


Caroline has worked with the following companies and their staff through their Mental Health Months and Wellness Weeks