Create – Succeed

Welcome to your new month here at It’s Time For Me and I am really excited for you to get started as we begin a month that will be uplifting, motivating and supportive.  My wish for you this month is to revive your energy and bring some excitement into your life.  We have all had a challenging year and I want to help you to bring a new focus, a positive mindset and a sense of enjoyment back into your life.  This month is all about creating and succeeding but from a place of calm, balance and flow.  Helping you to really believe in yourself and know that what you desire is possible.  We are going to approach goal setting from a new perspective that blends your inner knowing with action steps that will be enjoyable.  No pressure ~ just enjoyment! This month you are going to set one goal for yourself that is realistic to achieve. It can be something big or small but something you feel ready to work towards.

I will be supporting you every step of the way to help you:

Overcome Self-Doubt;

Help you to see how good you really are and all that you have achieved in life so far;

Work towards your goal with ease and fun;

Staying accountable to yourself;

Connect to your intuition to help you on this path; and

Take inspired action steps to help you enjoy the process of achieving your goals.

In the new WhatsApp Group for Members I will be giving you added support throughout each week and you can also support each other.  It can be reassuring and comforting to know that other people experience the same challenges in life as you do. If you would like to join the WhatsApp Group please let me know and I can add you. Thank you.

Every week I send you, by text message, 2 or 3 bitesize Teachings/Lessons in audio format each week to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below

18th May 2021 – Thank Yourself & Celebrate Your Achievements 

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

14th May 2021 – Checking in with Yourself

Click below to listen to and enjoy today’s teaching.

12th May 2021 – Determination & Perserverance

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7th May 2021 – Motivate & Inspire Yourself

Click below and listen to today’s uplifting teaching.

4th May 2021 – See the Good

Click the teaching below to enjoy today’s teaching.

30th April 2021 – Limiting Thoughts (Day 2)

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

29th April 2021 – Limiting Thoughts (Day 1)

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26th April 2021Self-Doubt & Accountability

Click below to enjoy today’s teaching.

21st April 2021 – Understanding your Self-Doubt 

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19th April 2021 ~ Let’s Begin Creating and Succeeding 

Click below to listen to your first teaching/lesson of the month. I hope you enjoy it.

Each month I pick one Card for you and send you a personal intuitive reading by voice note on WhatsApp to you individually.  My wish is for your reading to give you comfort and reassurance about how to approach your month and get the best from it.

Your reading will be with you by Monday 26th April 2021.

Thank you and I really hope you enjoy it.

Please enjoy these new Guided Meditations I have recorded for you.  My meditations aim to help you relax, unwind and reconnect with yourself.  Take time to do these each week as they can help you with renewing and resetting.

Press the ‘play button’ under each image to listen.

I hope you experience a connection to your body and your creative space within, as well as with the abundance within and around you. 

Adding morning rituals to the start of your day are a great way of creating time for yourself within a few minutes but this ritual will specifically help you to create and receive.

This month you can do this ritual every morning before you get out of bed.

Creating an evening ritual is the perfect way to let go of the day and stresses that may have occurred. This ritual will specifically help you to release negative and stuck thoughts so that you can finish your day lighter and ready for a good night’s sleep and rest.

This month you can do this ritual every evening/night, sitting down.

I hope you enjoy this month’s in depth Soul Journal to help you navigate through your thoughts and accompany you while you take time for yourself this month.  I always suggest making a ritual out of the times you sit down to journal.

Make a date with yourself.  Pick a time and day now that you will devote to yourself.  Put it in your diary so you don’t forget.  Get cosy and comfortable in a quiet space, light a candle (safely), put on some gentle music and begin to journal.

Click to Download your Journal →Create and Succeed Journal

Every month we join together online to connect, meditate, delve more into the teachings of the month and work through our Journals. I also offer time to answer any questions you may have about this month’s topic.

If you missed our Soul Gathering in May, please enjoy the audio replay by clicking the link below.

I hope you enjoy an Inspired Action Planner, which will be really useful for helping you on your path to achieving the goal you set for yourself this month.  This planner was also used at our class on Monday, 19th April

Replay of the class is below.

Click to Download your Planner →Inspired Action Planner

Missed this wonderful Create and Succeed Class on Monday 19th April. Listen back at the link below.  

Your Inspired Action Planner is above to download for the class.