Welcome to your daily teachings as part of your self-care experience.

Below you will find 7 days of self-care lessons.  Take one day at a time to watch/listen and after each lesson, I would invite you to open your Self-Care Experience Journal and reflect on what came up for you.

Have a lovely week and be gentle with yourself. 

To listen back to our beautiful Self-Care and Meditation Class from March 2021, you can listen to the replay HERE

Your accompanying Journal for the seven days is available My Self-Care Experience Journal

I have recorded two brand new and very special guided meditations to help you over the course of this week:

Enjoy your seven days…

Welcome to Day One. I hope you enjoy today’s video teaching. You can use your journal afterwards to help you reflect and connect inwards.

You are welcome to Day Two. I hope you enjoy today’s audio teaching as we move on to looking at the Body & Your Energetic Body. Take time to journal afterwards as a way of reflecting and connecting inwards.

Welcome to Day Three as we delve into our Intuitive/Inner Voice.  This is a really critical part of our progression but also hearing our intuition can lead us to wonderful things in life.  I hope you enjoy today’s audio below.

Well done on reaching Day 4 and giving this time to yourself as we move on today and look at forgiving ourselves and offering compassion to ourselves. I hope you enjoy today’s video below and take time afterwards to journal.

As we reach Day 5 take a moment before you listen to today’s audio teaching to see how you are finding the week. Has it been helpful? What have you learned? Once again thank yourself for doing this week ?

Today we move onto Healing & Releasing Thoughts. I hope this teaching helps you as we delve into another important aspect of our self-care.

The week has gone by so quickly.  You have reached Day 6 and today we look at how to Create Flow in all Areas of Life.  

I hope you enjoy today’s audio teaching below and as always, take time to journal after you listen ?

Thank you so much for taking these seven days to join me on this self-care experience. Today as we finish our path together we look at Creating Self-Care Practices that will set you up to continue minding yourself in the best ways and the most enjoyable ways for you.

If you would like to continue being supported with your self-care and much more I would love to have you as a monthly member where we do everything you have experienced this week and more but take one topic per month and 2-3 lessons per week, so you can take your time to really embrace the teachings and experience more support. Full details are available HERE

Enjoy our final teaching below in today’s video and thank you again for being part of this beautiful week.