Thank you so much for your purchase of this beautiful Guided Meditation, Ritual and Workbook.  Enjoy all of these now below:

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon, our last one of 2020.  You can do this Ritual and Guided Meditation anytime over the 3 days from 29th December to 31st December.  I hope you enjoy.


Full Moon Ritual

Create a quiet and cosy space just for you to relax and reflect.

Safely, light a candle and burn essential oils.

Pour yourself a cup of herbal tea or a glass of water.

Take a moment to think of this year and how you feel about what has happened for you personally, what you have learned and what you are ready to release.

Repeat this mantra

“I am ready to release.

I am ready to let go.

I am ready to embrace all that I intuitively know”

Next listen to the Guided Meditation below


When you finish listening to this Guided Meditation, gently sit up and take a moment to come fully back into your body.

Take a drink of your water or herbal tea and just rest for a moment.

When you feel ready, download your Workbook: Full Moon December Workbook

Play some gentle music and take as long as you need to reflect, write and be still within yourself.

When you are finished you are welcome to very safely* burn your journal or safely* light a tea light candle/candle in a candle holder and place the paper under it and let the candle burn right down.  You can then discard of your paper. 

Repeat the mantra:

“I release and burn away all that is ready to let go.

I embrace my knowledge and all that I know.

To help me begin a journey that is great.

That brings me on my path with faith.”

Wishing you a lovely Full Moon and many blessings and wonderful experiences in 2021. 

*Disclaimer: If you are burning your paper, please do this safely and with good ventilation. I cannot take responsibility for how or where you burn your paper.  If you are lighting a candle please also do so safely in a candle holder and do not leave the candle unattended. Thank you.