I am Ready for things to be Different

Welcome to your brand new month and also a brand new year of 2023 in It’s Time For Me. This year I want to really help your experience as a member to be different, to be better and more importantly, to be able to support you in making this year one that you really feel is bringing you in the exact direction you want to go in life, to make those changes or go for those goals/dreams you have wanted year after year. I want to support you in really valuing yourself and making life the way you would like it to be. A year where there’s no more excuses, no more holding yourself back and you can take gentle yet intentional steps towards you desired goals.

To help you to do just that I felt that this month with our new topic ‘I am ready for things to be different’ is the perfect foundation for you to set as we begin 2023.  An opportunity, should you allow it for yourself, to change the course of your life in the ways you truly wish. To release the negative thoughts, to reshape your mindset, to connect within more and to connect above with your Soul expanded energy.

In reality life is going to be difficult. This is not negative thinking. It is a fact. We all will experience stress, pain, trauma, difficulties and more throughout the course of our life time. What is also a fact is that we can make the rest of our life experience one that is joyful, abundant, happy and intentional. We can show up for ourselves in strong and supportive ways so that when stress and difficulties do arise we will have a strong resilience to lean into. We will be able to cope better with whatever life brings us and more importantly, we will be able to move through these times with a trust and faith that it will be okay.

Knowing that life can be difficult can actually take away the pressure we put on ourselves to make it perfect or think that we should be positive all the time and that will somehow lead us to a life where we have no stress or difficulty, because that is not possible.  What is possible is that if we begin to really live from a place of alignment: where we fully look after our bodies and minds, work on our mindset, offer gratitude for the good we have, realise that often the plans we have for our path can change and that it is okay and trust that there is something better on the way.  When we live intentionally and honor our values, beliefs and start going in the direction we want to, leaving aside our doubts, fears and worries something can really change for us.

This year my wish for you and myself is that we reshape our lives, whether things are great for you right now and you wish to continue in that way or you feel stuck, off course or unsure of what your next steps are, when we approach things with a different mindset, a different perspective and when we realise that we have the power to choose a different reality, a different way of life, even when it feels impossible, that’s when things can be different.

Things might be great for you or they may not be but either way…how do you wish this year and all the years ahead to be?

This month is to help us create a strong foundation where we refresh and revitalise our perspective, our mindset and our belief in what is possible. This is not an ‘airy fairy’ month of envisioning things for ourselves but not taking any action. This is a month of accountability, self-compassion, action and stepping out of our comfort zone to make things happen.

You can listen to a short audio introduction below about what we will do this month:

Caroline x