A Journey of Self-Discovery

You are so welcome to your new month ‘A Journey of Self-Discovery’.  I wanted to take you a path this month that felt gentle and would really connect you inwards to understand yourself and your life’s journey in a deeper way.  We are all so busy in life and knowing & remembering our purpose can be something that gets no attention.  This month I want to support you to rediscover the essence of who you truly are, why you are here in this life and what you are meant to be doing.  Bringing awareness to these core things will help you each and every day as you navigate through your life and stay in full alignment with all that is really meant for you. When we get busy…we get tired.  When we get tired…we get more stressed.  When we are more stressed…we forget about ourselves.  The teachings that I will be sharing with you this month aim to help you to always remain in connection with yourself, especially in your busy, stressful and difficult times.

Week 1: Discovering Your Purpose

Who you are.

Who you came here to be.

What you came here to do.

Week 2: Uncover Your Greatest Lessons

The difficult things that have made you stronger.

The challenging life situations that led to your greatest healing.

Week 3: Understanding Your Personal Creativity (Yes, you are creative!)

Becoming aware of the creativity you hold within.

Learn how using your creativity can change your life.

Week 4: Your Path Ahead

Blending your Purpose, your Healing and your Creativity to have a fulfilled life.

Listen to a short audio below to hear more about what we will be covering this month and as always, please do get in touch if I can help you in any way.

Much love,

Caroline x

Before you begin your journey this month, take a moment now to think about what you would like to discover this month…Is it something about yourself? Is it something about your purpose? Is it something about your life…or something different?

Reflect on that now as you read this.

Every week I send you, by text message, 2 or 3 bitesize Teachings/Lessons in audio format each week to help you on your path and to discover and understand more about the topic we are working through. When you receive your texts during the week, you can come here and find the teaching under that day’s date.

Enjoy your weekly Audio Teachings below.

12th November 2021 – Start Your Next Steps Today

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

11th November 2021 – Prepare for your Future

Click below to listen to and enjoy today’s teaching.

5th November 2021 – What are you Discovering?

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

3rd November 2021: Who Would I Be Without…

Click below to listen to and enjoy today’s teaching.

28th October 2021: Your Creative Space

Click below to enjoy today’s teaching and explore your creativity.

26th October 2021: Your Creative Energy

Click below to listen to and enjoy today’s teaching.

22nd October 2021: Your Greatest Lessons

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

19th October 2021: Your Strength & Resilience

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

15th October 2021: Who Are You?

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

13th October 2021: What is Your Purpose?

Click below to listen to today’s teaching.

This month I will be doing readings from oracle cards, combined with my intuition. You can also send me a question by text/email if you have one.

You will receive a voice note on WhatsApp with your reading and this will be with you by November 12th 2021.

I have decided this month to send readings to you over the course of the month but no later than November 12th.  As the membership is growing it is taking me longer to do the readings and I don’t want to set a date mid-month and then be late with them.

Thank you and I really hope you enjoy them.

Listen below to two brand new beautiful Guided Healing Meditations I have recorded for you to help you this month.

Starting Your Journey Guided Meditation ~ Click below to listen and relax.

Healing Mind – Heart – Belly Guided Meditation ~ Click below to listen and unwind.

Enjoy this month’s Soul Journal by clicking the link below.

Take time for yourself over the next month to sit in a quiet and comfortable space and let your pen flow on the paper without judging your thoughts or feelings.

This month’s journal is divided into 4 sections to reflect on the 4 weeks of teachings listed at the top of this page.

It could be a nice idea to journal at the end of each week.

Click the link to download »» Self-Discovery Journal

Our Monthly Gathering was held on Thursday 21st October 2021

Click the link below to listen back to this class. You will need a pen and notepaper for this class.