With both a Degree in Commerce and a Postgraduate in Innovation and Enterprise from UCD, Caroline blends her content creation and writing skills in the Mental Health and Wellbeing space with her business knowledge and previous work in the legal sector to understand the pressures and stresses that staff face on a daily basis. Caroline has gained a further 11 years of experience in life coaching and wellbeing, working with people globally to support them through life changes, overcoming difficulties and focusing on their needs.

Each organisation have their own stresses and difficulties that are specific to the type of business they run and the type of industry they are part of and as a result, the wellbeing needs of their staff will reflect this.

What makes It’s Time For Employees different is that it provides personalised wellbeing content for staff. It is not another app or program with a ‘one size fits all’ approach that is rolled out with no proper desire or buy-in from staff. It provides space to engage with staff on a more personal level, to hear what they want and bring them every step of the way in creating a wellness solution that reflects their needs. Staff wellbeing supports are for staff so it is important to work in partnership with them and provide a solution that is engaging and one that they feel will be beneficial. Whether your business has a 1000 staff or 15 staff, It’s Time For Employees can create wellbeing supports to fit the size of your business and your budget.

While wellbeing programs offer a large variety of supports to staff, often there is not enough engagement/staff buy-in due to:

Staff not feeling the content/offering will be beneficial to them. This can be because they don’t fully understand what is on offer or how it will benefit them;

Staff can be put off by apps and online programs due to simple things such as log-ins being a hassle and navigating through a program which can be difficult due to their time constraints and current workload.

Staff often do not feel listened to by their organisation when it comes to their wellbeing and therefore, reject any supports that come their way, even if the supports will be beneficial for them;

Staff do not feel they can trust in their management to provide something that will work for them and also that they feel if they engage in wellbeing supports this may affect their current role and future promotional opportunities;

Staff can feel that the organisation are completing a ‘tick the box’ exercise and do not truly value their employee’s wellbeing. They need to feel that the organisation is behind the initiative from the top level down.

It’s Time For Employees can help your organisation to overcome these problems by:

I am a third party with no affiliation to the organisation. This can create a foundation of trust from the very start, whereby staff can feel more open to speak about their needs and issues in a confident manner;

Engaging with staff from the offset by holding video conference sessions, sending out anonymous surveys and providing a virtual anonymous suggestion box to identify and understand the wellbeing needs of staff and what they would/would not like to engage in.

This allows me the insight to create a bespoke wellbeing solution to fit in with the majority needs and wants of the staff by:

Tailoring all wellbeing supports to reflect the feedback of the staff;

Creating content in a format that staff would engage in but also content that is quick and easy to access;

Including staff every step of the way, from the idea stage to the creation stage. This is a very important aspect of this bespoke wellbeing solution. By showing staff that I would be working in partnership with theme, this can enhance trust and buy-in;

Providing an excellent launch of the bespoke wellbeing solution by involving staff, holding online classes to showcase how the wellbeing solution will work and benefit them and rolling out an in-house media campaign/digital/poster campaign.

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